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EGC Kids is currently hosting a brand-new service option for families on Sunday mornings at our Lima campus! To read more about EGC Kids for Families and stay up to date on news and information from our kids min team, click the link below!

Weekly Lessons

Not able to join us on Sunday mornings? Our online lessons include a lot of the same things we usually do in EGC Kids, but are designed to be used at home. Lessons are short, require minimal prep or supplies, and are geared toward families with kids age 3 – 4th grade.

About EGC Kids

Want to know more about Elim Gospel Church or EGC Kids? Click on the link below to meet the EGC Kids team, explore additional resources we’ve put together for your family in this season, or contact a member of our team!

Recent Lessons:

February 14, 2021: God is the Lord

If you were toasting marshmallows over a campfire and the flames started talking to you, how would YOU react? Join us this week to find out what Moses did when something similar happened to Him!!


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