March 22, 2020: God Keeps His Promises

A Note to our Parents and Guardians: Each week, we will be posting a short lesson or video to watch with your child(ren), suggested worship videos, and crafts or activities! (For more information check out the For Parents tab!) This week we’ll be learning about God’s faithfulness through the story of Abraham and Sarah.

Let’s Start!

Before you watch the video (below), pray with your family that God would help you each to focus and to have open ears and hearts to what He wants to say to you. Take a moment of silent prayer to allow each person to give God all of the things that distract them or are heavy on their hearts.

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Do!

Build a tent/fort from sheets and blankets and imagine you are Abraham and Sarah. Imagine that God has called you to go somewhere you’ve never been with no directions! Sit in your tent, play a game, or eat a snack, and talk through the following questions about Abraham and Sarah:

  • What would it be like to do what they did to leave their home to obey God?
  • How might you feel about it? Would you rather go camping or stay at a hotel? Why?
  • How many stars do you think there are?
  • What things has God blessed you with as a family? How has God kept His promises to you?
  • Have you ever had to wait for something like Abraham and Sarah had to wait for Isaac? Was it hard or easy?
  • Are there things that you are still waiting for?
  • What are some ways that you can trust and obey God at home or while you’re all together?

Let’s Pray!

Pray together that God would help you as a family to trust and obey him.

EGC Kids Tip: If you don’t pray regularly as a family, this is a great time to start. Take a few minutes together before bed (or another time where you can all come together) and slow down and talk to God. Don’t just have the adults pray, give relaxed time for your children to pray too! Encourage them to think of one other person they can pray for as well.

Let’s Bless!

Open your Bible and read Psalm 107: 1, 8-9

EGC Kids Tip: if you have children who can read, help them to find the verse in their Bibles as well. Hint for explaining – If you open your Bible to the middle and then go a little to the left, you’ll find Psalms! The big number is the chapter (107) and the little numbers are the verses.

Bless your child(ren) by saying something like, “(Child’s Name), I bless you to recognize the goodness of the Lord, to understand and experience His unfailing love in your life. May you trust God and obey Him all your days and recognize His faithfulness and provision.”

Let’s Memorize!

Psalm 90:2 – “Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.”

This month’s REMEMBER VERSE reminds us that God is everlasting! He’s been around since before the earth was made and will be around forever and ever!

EGC Kids Tip: Try playing a game to learn the verse! Have each person hop on one foot and take turns giving high fives as you say the verse together (one hop per word).

Let’s Stay Connected!

Looking for more tips and fun from your EGC Kids team? Follow us on Instagram! Miss Erin will be posting fun ideas to learn the verse and ways that you can grow in Jesus while you are at home!

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