March 29, 2020: God Keeps His Promises (Part II)

A Note to our Parents and Guardians: Each week, we are posting a short lesson or video to watch with your child(ren), suggested worship videos for preschool and grade school students, and crafts or activities that you can do at home! These can be done on Sunday mornings or throughout the week. (For more information and parent resources, check out the For Parents tab!)

Let’s Start!

Before you watch this week’s Bible video, (below) take a moment and pray with your family that God would help you each to focus. Ask him to give you open ears and open hearts to receive what He wants to say to you. Take a moment of silent prayer to allow each person to give God all of the things that distract them or are heavy on their hearts.

Let’s Watch!

God’s Story: Jacob Wrestles

Let’s Talk!

Ask some follow-up questions about the video:

  • What were the names of the twins in the story? (Jacob and Esau)
  • What did Jacob do that made Esau mad? (Jacob tricked his father and took Esau’s blessing)
  • What did Jacob send ahead to Esau? (lots of gifts)
  • Why did Jacob stop at the river? (he was scared)
  • What happened when Jacob was by the fire at night? (a man came and wrestled him)
  • What new name did the man give Jacob? (Israel – God Fights)

There are times in life when we make choices that hurt people (like Jacob). There are also times in life when things don’t go the way we plan or hope. But God is still God even in those times, and He’s still in charge! He knows everything about us. He still keeps his promises to be with us and help us.

  • When is a time when you’ve done something to make someone mad and they’ve forgiven you? (try to keep this conversation positive ;))
  • Tell us a time when something hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to. How did you feel? How was God good to you in that situation? (look for what God did)
  • What is something special that God knows about you or has said about you?

Let’s Do!

Get out some paper and scraps of recycling or craft supplies. Make a poster that says, “GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES.”

EGC Kids Tip: If you don’t have poster-sized paper at home, you can tape together some regular-sized paper to make a poster or use a large piece of cardboard!

  • Have each family member contribute to the poster.
  • As you decorate the poster, talk about the good things God has done in your lives. How has He kept His promises to you, even in hard times?
  • As you decorate, talk about how God has made each family member unique. Talk about the special gifts, talents, strengths, etc. each family member has!
  • Hang up your poster somewhere you can all see it this week.

From the EGC Kids Team: We’d love to see your poster! If you want, take a picture of your family with the poster and email it to us, or tag @egckidschurch or #egckidsathome on Facebook or Instagram!

Let’s Pray!

Pray together that God would help you to notice God’s promises and faithfulness in your family and in your individual lives.

Take a few minutes together before bed (or another time where you can all come together – mealtimes are great if kids all go to bed at different times) to slow down and talk to God. Have each family member think of one promise that God made (for example: to be with us all the time, to take care of us, to help us, to grow the fruit of the Spirit in us) and how you saw Him do it that day.

EGC Kids Tip: Sometimes this can be hard. Keep at it! God is doing good things in your family every day. He wants you to look for it and notice!

Let’s Bless!

Open your Bible and read Psalm 139:1-3

EGC Kids Tip: if you have children who can read, help them to find the verse in their Bibles as well. Hint for explaining – If you open your Bible to the middle and then go a little to the left, you’ll find Psalms! The big number (139) is the chapter and the little numbers (1-3) are the verses.

This week, we want to take turns blessing each other!

What you say: “(Family member’s name) I bless you to know that God keeps his promises to you when you are (choose somewhere they go for example: playing outside, sitting at the table, working on schoolwork, etc.). It should sound something like, “Joseph, I bless you to know that God keeps his promises to you when you are getting out of bed each morning.”

Then, when everyone has taken turns blessing the person beside them, finish up with a family blessing.

Family, I bless you to become more aware of what God is doing in your life – to recognize His voice and His presence, and to trust Him because He is a promise keeper.

Let’s Memorize!

This week’s REMEMBER VERSE is Psalm 24:1.

EGC Kids Tip: If you have readers, it helps to have the verse written down and hung up for reference the first few times around. To download and print this week’s remember verse: click on the link below!

To learn the remember verse this week, try this game:

Have your family stand in a circle. Choose a stuffed animal (or a ball if you have super brave parents or can do this outside!). Have the person with the stuffed animal say the first word of the verse and then throw it to someone else. That person will say the next word of the verse and toss the animal to another person and so on. Do this until everyone learns it and you can say the verse super quickly. (If you can get it and record it in under 14 seconds, we’ll share it in our Instagram story!!)

Let’s Stay Connected!

Looking for more tips and fun from your EGC Kids team? Follow us on Instagram! And, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures and videos of the lesson and REMEMBER VERSE activities!

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