April 5, 2020: Jesus is King (Palm Sunday)

A Note to our Parents and Guardians: Each week, we are posting a short lesson or video to watch with your child(ren), suggested worship videos for preschool and grade school students, and crafts or activities that you can do at home! These can be done on Sunday mornings or throughout the week. (For more information and parent resources, check out the For Parents tab!)

Let’s Start!

Before you watch this week’s Bible video, take a moment and pray with your family that God would help you each to focus. Ask him to give you open ears and open hearts to receive what He wants to say to you. Take a moment of silent prayer to allow each person to give God all of the things that distract them or are heavy on their hearts.

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

{ASK} When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey:

  • Did the people realize that He was a king? (Yes, but they expected that the Messiah would be a warrior king, someone who rule by force).
  • Jesus had a bigger plan. What was it? (Jesus came to save people by dying on the cross for their sins and rising again. He came to bring them and us into relationship with God.)

{DISCUSS} The Bible tells us many ways that Jesus is King:

  • Jesus is the King immortal. That means He lives forever (1 Timothy 1:17). 
  • Jesus is the King of glory. He is strong and wins every battle (Psalm 24:8). 
  • Jesus is a righteous King. He makes right decisions that please God (Isaiah 32:1). 
  • Jesus is a loving King. The powerful Ruler of all chose to free us from our sins by dying for us (Revelation 1:5). 

When we know Jesus as our King, we can cry out to Him, “Hosanna! Save us!” just like the people in the Bible. We can ask Him to help us bow down to His leadership and what He wants to do in our lives. We can trust Him and do what He asks, even when it’s something that we don’t understand (like the disciples did when they went to get the donkey)!

  • Where in your life do you see Jesus as the mighty King of Kings? (Are there parts of your life where you are living like Jesus is the King of that thing? For example, are you not afraid of the dark because you know that Jesus is the boss of the dark?)
  • How does it make you feel to know He rules over everything and everyone?
  • Are there areas of your life you need to let Jesus be king of? Take a few moments to talk to God about these things.

EGC KIDS TIP: Give time for this. As a parent, it can be tempting to “guide” the child into something that you want them to work on. God might highlight this for your child Himself or He might show him/her another area that He thinks is important right now. Trust God with your children. He knows them and loves them best. Note: if the coronavirus comes up in this discussion, we have some tips for how to talk with your family about current events here.

Let’s Do!

Today, we are going to make our own palm branches!

  1. Gather some paper (construction paper or copy paper, 2 pages per person).
  2. Cut out 3-4 long strips from one side of the paper and glue them together to make a sturdy branch for your palm leaves (alternately, you can use a paper towel roll, a clean stick from outside or a paint stir stick).
  3. Trace your hands (as many as you can fit on the papers) and cut them out.
  4. Glue the handprints to the “branch,” with fingers pointing out.
  5. On the handprints, write about how Jesus is King in your life! You can also write some of the things that Jesus talked to you about when you asked Him about areas of your life where you need to let Him be king.

Let’s Pray!

Take a few minutes together and pray about the things written on the palm branches. Give them to Jesus and ask Him to be the king and boss of every area of your lives.

EGC KIDS TIP: Sometimes having something to hold or an action to do helps our kids connect with the words they are praying. As they pray, you can have them take their palm fronds and lay them down on the ground – just like they did in the story – to show that they are choosing to make Jesus the King in their lives!

During the week as you pray, ask Jesus to help you remember that He’s the King over everything.

Let’s Memorize!

EGC Kids Tip: Try to learn the verse by acting it out together. Use the palms you made or some coats from the closet (or be creative)! Take a video and send it to egckids@elimgospel.org or upload it to social media and tag it #egckidsathome. We’d love to see it!

Let’s Bless!

Take time to bless each family member with the following blessing:

May you trust Jesus to be the King and the boss of every area of your life. May you always know that you can call to Him and he will save you. May you know that the King of Kings loves you and cares for you and that you are His!

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