Easter Sunday: Jesus is Alive!

Let’s Start!

This week’s topic is so exciting. Jesus is alive! Take a few moments to ask Jesus to fill you fresh with wonder and understanding about what He’s done to rescue us by dying on the cross and rising from the dead. Ask Him to help you to be aware of how He’s with you all the time.

Let’s Watch!

EGC KIDS TIP: Want to go deeper? Yesterday’s video was a great summary of the whole story and tells about how Jesus’ death and resurrection fits into God’s BIG story: His plan to redeem mankind from the very beginning. You can find that video here!

Let’s Talk!

  • When Jesus died what happened to the sun? It went dark for 3 hours.
  • Where did they put Jesus’ body after he died? In a tomb with a stone rolled in front of it.
  • When the women went to the tomb after a few days, what did they see? An angel, and the stone rolled away.
  • What did the angel say? “Jesus isn’t here. He has risen!”
  • What does “risen” mean? Jesus isn’t dead anymore. He is alive again!

Jesus’ death took the punishment for our sin. His resurrection won the battle over sin and death for us. We can trust Jesus to forgive us and rescue us from our sin, shame and fear. His life set us free and gives us new life.

Jesus went further than just giving us new life, though, He promised us that we could have a full life in Him. That means that every day, all day long – morning, noon, and night, God is at work giving us life because He is alive. 

  • Describe what you think a full life in Jesus means.

FOR PARENTS: The resurrection of Jesus is center of the Christian faith. If there was no resurrection, there would be no proof that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins was accepted (1 Corinthians 15:17). In the resurrection, Jesus showed his authority over all things, even the power of death. The resurrection of Jesus broke the power of death for all of us who trust in Him as Savior. His resurrection gives us hope in life for the resurrection we will receive when He returns (1 Corinthians 15:23, 42-44). In the meantime, we have hope when we endure hardship, struggles, and suffering because Jesus, who overcame death and gives us new life – is with us now and forever.

Let’s Memorize!

For our online challenge, say the Remember Verse while doing a wall sit and take a video! Check out Miss Erin’s video below, and be sure to tag #egckidsathome

Wall-Sit Remember Verse Challenge #egckidsathome

Let’s Do!

This week, we’re going on an Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt! First, print out the Remember Verse printable (above) or write the verse out on a piece of paper. Then choose the option below that works best for you!

Option 1: If you have plastic eggs at your house.

  • Cut the Remember Verse pdf into puzzle pieces.
  • Place the puzzle pieces inside plastic eggs.
  • Hide them around your house.
  • Let your family find the pieces and assemble the puzzle!

Option 2: If you do not have plastic eggs at your house.

  • Print out the Easter Egg document below and color the eggs in! (Alternately, you could draw a large easter egg and color that!)
  • Glue the pages together so that the verse is on one side and the eggs are on the other.
  • Cut the paper into puzzle pieces
  • Hide the pieces around your house.
  • Let your family find the pieces and assemble the puzzle!

Let’s Pray!

Take turns thanking Jesus for the new life that He has given. Have each family member think of one thing they can be thankful for and happy about that Jesus has done in their lives.

Pray that you would each have a new awareness of the goodness of God, full life in Jesus, and His “with-us-ness.”

Let’s Bless!

Pray this blessing over your children:

May you experience the full, abundant, real life of Jesus here on earth and in eternity. My you have joy, strength and peace through His life. I bless you to always remember and rejoice in the truth that Jesus is alive!

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