Sunday, May 17: God is Warrior

Note to our parents and guardians: Our EGC Kids online chat times have changed! Please check your email for details.

Let’s Start!

“If you had to choose one, would you rather eat a frog or a bug?”

I (Miss Melanie) ate a bug once that my Sunday School teacher brought in for us as a snack! She wasn’t joking! Good thing we’re doing church at home now just in case EGC Kids teachers had the same idea, huh?!

Before we get started today, let’s invite God into our time! Open up your hands to God and close your eyes.

Holy Spirit, we invite you into our time this week. We ask you to speak to us and show us what You’re like. We thank you that you hear us when we talk to you and that You have everything under control.

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • First, let’s review:
    • Where were God’s people slaves? Egypt
    • Do you know what they did as slaves? Make bricks and build things.
    • What did Pharaoh say when Moses told him to let God’s people be free and go? No!
    • What were some of the things that happened to Egypt when Pharaoh said that? Can you name 3?
      • Plagues: water turned to blood, frogs, lice, flies, animal sickness, people sickness, hail, locusts, darkness, someone from each house died
    • What happened to God’s people while all those plagues were happening? They were safe.
    • Did Pharaoh finally change his mind? Yes!  What did God’s people do when he did? Pack up and leave!
  • Did God’s people do anything special to fight the Egyptians? No.
  • Who fought for them? God.
  • Have YOU ever felt like you were faced with a problem that you couldn’t fight on your own? What kinds of problems? Possible answers to consider: trouble sleeping because of fear, other kids being mean, feeling bad/guilty because you did something wrong?
  • Things inside of us can feel very heavy sometimes, especially when we’re going through problems that feel like battles. Sometimes loneliness, pain, guilt or fear can feel like a heavy brick inside (like the heavy bricks God’s people had to make for the Egyptians). God wants us to know that He is a Warrior. He fights for us!
  • Get your Bible and look up Exodus 14:14 to see what Moses said to God’s people. What does it say? The Lord will fight for you. Just be still.
  • What do you think that means about your battles and hard times?
  • God, who is a Warrior, is the same one who fought for His people. He fights for you!
  • Can you think of a time when God fought for you are someone you love? Tell about it.

EGC KIDS Tip: Parents, this would be a great time for you to share a way that God has fought for you in your life! Sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness with our children is one way to help them connect with God in their own lives.

  • Look up Psalm 55:22. What does it say to do with our worries? Give them to God.

Let’s Pray!

Lord, you know all of the heavy things on our heart. You know all the stuff that we worry about. Right now, we give them to you (pause and take a moment to give God the stuff that feels heavy).

We know that you are a warrior and that you fight for us. You take care of the things we can’t control or do on our own. We thank you that you are the strongest and are fighting for us. We trust you to take care of us.

Take few minutes to pray and ask God to come help you in any battles you’re currently facing. Write them down somewhere and see what God will do!

Let’s Memorize!

This week’s Remember Verse comes from Psalm 55:22. Try playing this song after dinner or before bed a few nights this week to learn the verse.

Let’s Do!


Can you imagine how stinky it must have been in Egypt when all those frogs were there? In this activity, we’re going to collect the frogs as fast as we can!!

For this activity you will need:

  • Construction or colored paper
    • OPTION 1 : 3-5 colors (best for 1-2 children or young children)
    • OPTION 2: 1 color per child (for larger families or older children)
  • An area with a space to run around (living room, backyard etc.)

How to play:

  1. Cut the paper into 8-12 pieces per page. You can cut circles, squares, or if you’re very talented with scissors: FROGS!
  2. Spread the “frogs” all over the room or yard.
  3. OPTION 1:
    • Parent or older child shouts: “Go” + a color. [ie: Go, Blue!] tip: make sure you pick a color that corresponds with the ones you have spread out! lol
    • The child/children should go and collect the frogs of that color as quickly as possible. *if you have older or more competitive children, you can time how long it takes for them to do it!
    • Spread the papers out again and repeat the game with a different color!
  4. OPTION 2:
    • Assign each child a different color.
    • Shout “GO!”
    • Each child should run and collect his/her frogs as fast as possible
    • The first one back with all their “frogs” is the winner!

Let’s Bless! (Psalm 144:2)

Parents/guardians: have your children stand with you with their hands open and palms up, in a posture of receiving a blessing from God. Read Psalm 144:1-2 and then pray this blessing over them.

I bless you to know God as Warrior, as a place of safety and a shield. May you see the ways God fights for you this week.

If you have more than one child, have them repeat, “May you see the ways God fights for you this week” over one another!


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