June 14, 2020: God is Strength

Let’s Start!

Have you ever jumped over a big puddle or stream? Act out what you did!

This week, we’re going to be talking about a big river that was way too big to cross without God’s help. First, let’s invite the Holy Spirit to come and be with us as we learn.

God, thank you for helping us grow. We pray that you would fill us. We give you ourselves and ask that you would give us soft hearts to receive what You speak to us today.

Let’s Watch!

Today we have two videos to watch! The first one tells about Joshua as the leader of God’s people, the Israelites (Joshua 1). The second one tells the story of crossing the Jordan River (Joshua 3-4)

Let’s Talk!

  • Remember how God rescued His People from Egypt? After that, God made a covenant with them and gave them laws (the 10 Commandments) as guides to help them to know how to be His People.
  • Well, God’s People stopped trusting Him and disobeyed. So, God disciplined them and told Moses that he wouldn’t be able to go into the land. They had to wander in the desert for 40 years! But, God took care of them while they were there.
    • Have you ever missed out on something fun because of discipline? It sure is disappointing.
  • After Moses, Joshua became the leader of Israel. God promised to be with him, just like he was with Moses. He told him to be strong and courageous.
    • What does it mean to be strong?
    • What does it mean to be courageous?
  • God didn’t just want Joshua to be physically strong, He wanted him to be spiritually strong. God told Joshua to read through the law (the 10 Commandments). He knew that it would strengthen Joshua’s faith. God reminded Joshua that He would be his source of strength and courage. God’s people agreed to let God be their leader and strength.
    • What are some ways that you can help your faith to grow stronger? Reading and studying the Bible, praying, participating in church, talking about Jesus with friends and family, and worshipping are some ideas!
  • Then, it was time to cross the river into the Promised Land. What happened? God dried it up so they could cross. Does that remind you of any other part of God’s Story that we talked about recently? When God’s People crossed the Red Sea with Moses.
  • What did the leaders do after they crossed, before the water went back? They collected big stones to make a memorial of how God helped them.
  • It can take courage to follow God’s way for our lives and to obey God. It especially takes courage when we are tired or don’t know what will happen next. Joshua didn’t know how things were going to go either.
  • BUT GOD IS WHO WE GET STRENGTH AND COURAGE FROM!! God is Strength! He gives it to us when we need it.

Let’s Do!

Collect a few rocks or pebbles from around your house or street. Glue them together with craft glue (or have a parent help you with a glue gun) onto a piece of wood or paper in a shape that will remind you that God is strong. Some good ideas are: a big muscle, the word “strong”, or a pile of stones like God’s People made!

Let’s Pray!

Take a few minutes and sit quietly. Think of some situations in your life where you need God’s strength or courage. Then ask God to fill you with His strength and courage. Sit for a moment longer and let Him fill you up.

Let’s Memorize!

Our verse this week is a great one for acting out! We bet you can come up with some actions that will help you to learn the verse. Practice it a few times this week until you really get it!

Let’s Bless!

Parents and guardians, take a minute to share with your kids a time when God gave you strength or courage. Then read Psalm 27:1 & 4 together and bless them with this blessing:

May you know that God alone is the source of your courage and strength. May your faith grow and may you be filled fresh with His Holy Spirit.

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