July 26 | Ruth: Celebrating that God makes us part of His family

Let’s Start! Have you ever been to a feast? In the Bible, people celebrated feasts for holidays. One of them was called the Feast of Harvest (sometimes called the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost). It was during harvest time – the time when the veggies in the garden were ready to pick and the grainContinue reading “July 26 | Ruth: Celebrating that God makes us part of His family”

July 19, 2020: God is Trustworthy

This week’s lesson is based on 1 Kings 7-11 and continues Solomon’s story from last week! Let’s Start! Do you remember the name of the wise king from last week’s lesson? (If you said King Solomon, that’s right!) Today, we are going to learn more about him and God’s Story! Let’s Watch! From the EGCContinue reading “July 19, 2020: God is Trustworthy”

July 5, 2020: God is Sovereign

Let’s Start! Have you ever had to wait a long time for something? What was it? Was it hard to wait? Let’s Watch! Today’s lesson is based on 2 Samuel 2; 5-7. Let’s Talk! What does “sovereign” mean? It means to be a king or ruler and have ultimate power. He’s in control of everything.Continue reading “July 5, 2020: God is Sovereign”