July 5, 2020: God is Sovereign

Let’s Start!

Have you ever had to wait a long time for something? What was it? Was it hard to wait?

Let’s Watch!

Today’s lesson is based on 2 Samuel 2; 5-7.

Let’s Talk!

  • What does “sovereign” mean? It means to be a king or ruler and have ultimate power. He’s in control of everything.
  • How did God show that He was sovereign to David? He was in charge of the timing of David’s life. He kept His word to David that he would be king someday.
  • God made a promise to David that his family line would last forever! Do you know how that happened? Jesus was David’s great-great-great-great-great-great. . .25 times grandpa!
  • God is our Sovereign King. He is good and fights for His people. In our lives, we need God to care for us, fight for us, and show us that He’s in control of everything. What does that make you think about or feel?
  • Do you have any areas of your life that you need to give to God and trust Him with? Take a few minutes to stop and talk to Him about it.

Let’s Memorize/Do!

Be strong, all you who put your hope in the Lord. Never give up.

Psalm 31:24

Make a poster to hang in your room to help you remember this verse. Read it for 6 days in a row when you first wake up. See if on the 7th day you can remember what it says without looking at it.

Let’s Bless!

Read Ephesians 1:16-23 together and pray this blessing over your child(ren):

“May you be strong in the Lord and never give up. May you know God as an all-powerful, promise-keeping God who loves and cares for you.”

Parents: we sent out an important survey this week about future planning for EGC Kids! Please take a few minutes to fill that out and give us your input! (link in email)

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