August 30: Remember and Celebrate

Let’s Start! To our Parents/Guardians: The Bible talks about many feasts that God’s people would celebrate throughout the year to remember [looking back at something God had done] and celebrate [praising God, and looking ahead expectant for what he would to]. Here at EGC Kids, we host Remember & Celebrate weekends where we learn aboutContinue reading “August 30: Remember and Celebrate”

August 23, 2020: God Helps

Let’s Start/Do! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! When the woman came to Simon’s house to see Jesus, what did she do? She knelt at Jesus’ feet, crying, wiped his wet feet clean with her hair, kissed them, and then poured expensive perfume on them! Earlier in the story we heard that the woman was known asContinue reading “August 23, 2020: God Helps”

August 16: God Forgives

*This week’s lesson is based on Mark 2:1-12 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Why was it so crowded around Jesus? People wanted to see him heal people, and they wanted to hear what he had to say. What did the friends do to get the paralyzed man into the house to see Jesus? TheyContinue reading “August 16: God Forgives”

August 9, 2020: God Leads (Jesus is Tempted)

**Today’s lesson is based on Matthew 3: 13-17, 4:1-11 Let’s Start! Have you ever really wanted to do something you knew you shouldn’t do (or that a parent or adult told you not to do?) Some of our EGC Kids had a decision to make this week: Should they eat their cupcakes right away? OrContinue reading “August 9, 2020: God Leads (Jesus is Tempted)”

August 2: God is Faithful (John the Baptist)

Today’s lesson is based on Isaiah 40:3, Matthew 3 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Grab your Bible and look up Isaiah 40:3. Who do you think this verse is talking about? John the Baptist. Isaiah wrote that almost 700 years before John was born!! God had a plan and waited until just the rightContinue reading “August 2: God is Faithful (John the Baptist)”