August 9, 2020: God Leads (Jesus is Tempted)

**Today’s lesson is based on Matthew 3: 13-17, 4:1-11

Let’s Start!

Have you ever really wanted to do something you knew you shouldn’t do (or that a parent or adult told you not to do?) Some of our EGC Kids had a decision to make this week: Should they eat their cupcakes right away? Or should they wait like they were asked?

What do you think happened?! Could they say no to the deliciousness in front of them? Watch the video below to find out!

We make decisions every day! Can you name 3 choices or decisions that you have already made today? [hint: what to wear, if you should brush your teeth]

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • Where did God lead Jesus after John the Baptist baptized him? The wilderness
  • What happened? The devil tempted Jesus 3 times. He even tried to use the Bible to tempt Jesus to do something he knew that God didn’t want Him to do!
  • Did Jesus give in to the temptation? No.
  • Is being tempted sin? No. But giving in to the temptation to do something wrong is sin.
  • The Holy Spirit in us gives us the power to overcome temptation. Open your Bible to 1 Corinthians 10:13. Read it out loud.
  • It says that God will ALWAYS provide a way out for us when we’re tempted. We don’t have to give in!
  • Something we do have to do, though, is to do the right thing. The Holy Spirit living in us gives us the power to walk away or say no.
  • What’s the best way to escape the temptation to take a cookie from the kitchen that you are not allowed to have? Walk away from it! That’s the escape God made for you. And the Holy Spirit gives you the power to do it! God always makes a way. (Another escape would be to tell a parent that you are tempted to take it so they can put it away somewhere else. Lots of times, the way that God makes for us to escape is not very complicated, we just have to make the choice to listen and let Him help us.)
  • If we don’t know a way out of temptation, we can ask the Holy Spirit to show us a way. He will always show us or tell us what to do. He’s always with us (living inside of us!) if we have given our lives to God.
  • Something that helped Jesus to overcome temptation was to remember Bible verses that He had memorized that reminded Him of the truth. That’s one of the reasons that we memorize verses together at EGC Kids.

From the EGC Kids Team: Parents, try to create an atmosphere in your home where your children feel that they can share their temptations with you. Be gentle as you listen and coach them to think about ways to overcome. When you see them make a choice that helps them overcome, let them know that you noticed and are proud of them. “I saw you walk away from that cookie. I am so proud of you for listening to God and taking His way out!” Being open to hear little things when they are little can create an openness for them to share bigger things when they are big.

Let’s Memorize!


Let’s Do!

This week we’re going to play a matching game! Here’s what you do:

  1. Print out the situation and Bible verse cards.
  2. Cut them apart on the dotted lines, mix them up, and spread them out on the floor.
  3. See if you can match the situation to the Bible verse!

EGC Kids Tip: If you have non-readers or younger children, play a game of hide and seek. As you find your children, hug them and remind them that God loves them and is always with them. When they find you, remind them that God loves them and will always help them.

Let’s Pray!

Take a minute and pray about some temptations that you’ve been struggling with. Ask God to help you. Thank Him for always being with you and giving you a way out. Ask Him to help you to see the way out and take it.

Let’s Bless!

I bless you to have victory over temptation. May God fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit and lead you every day of your life.

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