August 23, 2020: God Helps

Let’s Start/Do!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • When the woman came to Simon’s house to see Jesus, what did she do? She knelt at Jesus’ feet, crying, wiped his wet feet clean with her hair, kissed them, and then poured expensive perfume on them!
  • Earlier in the story we heard that the woman was known as someone who had sinned a lot. The Pharisees were so focused on being sin-free that they wouldn’t hang out with people that they said sinned a lot. So, Simon couldn’t believe Jesus was letting this woman anywhere near him! But Jesus knew that everyone had sinned, and everyone needed His help.
  • What was the story Jesus told Simon? Two men who owned someone money. When the man forgave their debt (told them that they didn’t have to pay him back), the man who owed him MORE was more thankful, and loved him more.
  • What did Jesus tell the woman at the end of the story? Your sins are forgiven, go in peace.
  • How do you think that made the woman feel? Loved, accepted, happy
  • Can you think of other stories where Jesus helped people? There are lots of examples! He healed people, fed 5,000, told people about God, raised them from the dead, helped them change their lives (Zaccheus, the disciples. . .)
  • Did Jesus ever turn people away and tell them they weren’t good enough for him? No.
  • We all come to God needing His help. We need him to forgive our sins and make us clean and help us to be like him. We’ll never be perfect (only He is!), and He knew that. In fact, that’s why Jesus came: to pay the price for our sins, and to forgive us, just like he did for the woman that day!

Let’s Memorize!

Talk about it: What do you think it means to approach God with confidence? When we come to God, we come boldly as His sons and daughters, knowing that we belong there, and that He loves us!

To help you learn this week’s verse: use one of the exercise challenges that Miss Erin used in her video above (or make up your own challenge)! You could:

  • Hold a wall sit while you repeat the words to the verse
  • Do your verse to jumping jacks (one word per jump)
  • Run around your backyard in swim goggles and shout your verse! (Please send us a video if you use this one!!)

Let’s Pray!

Read Hebrews 4:16 together.  

  • Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough at something? (Maybe you got picked last for a sports team, or your drawing wasn’t as good as someone else’s, or you made a really big mistake during a performance).
  • Have you ever felt like God would think you weren’t good enough, or that he would be too busy to help you?
  • He’s not! He loves you SO much. He wants you to come to Him, and He wants to help you!
  • Where do you need God’s help in your life today?
    • Are you worried about something?
    • Do you need help treating others with kindness and patience?
    • Are you hurt or sick and need Him to heal something in your body (or know someone does?)
    • Do you need His strength to do something really hard?
  • Let’s take a few minutes and talk to God about the things that you need help with. Remember, God wants to help us!

EGC Kids tip: Parents, give gentle guidance as needed, but let your children take the lead here, allowing them the time to process and share what is on their hearts. If they are not used to praying out loud, encourage them that they don’t need to have all the “right” words. Like the woman in our story today, they can go boldly to Jesus and ask for His help with anything (no matter how big or small it seems!)

Let’s Bless!

Parents/Guardians, bless your child with this blessing:

May you always know that a touch from Jesus brings life. May you never doubt his love for you – and always go to Him for help. May God comfort you, heal you, be close to you, and give you peace.

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