September 6, 2020: The Big God Story

Let’s Start!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • Where can you read about God’s story? The Bible!
  • Grab your Bible and open it up. Flip through some of the pages and read the names of some of the books out loud (Hint: The names of the Books should be at the tops of the pages, or you can find them in the table of contents at the beginning!). Some are hard to pronounce, right?
  • Now open up to the very first book. What is it? Genesis
  • Flip through a few pages in Genesis. Can you point out the chapters? (Hint: Each chapter should be labeled with a BIG number).
  • Do you know how to find a verse? (Hint: each chapter has lots of verses, they’re the smaller numbers on the pages next to the words!)
  • In Genesis, we learn that God created the world and we meet people like Adam and Eve and Noah and Abraham, and Moses! But we also find out that people decide to do things their own way instead of following God. That’s called sin. And sin separates us from God.
  • Do you sometimes do things YOUR own way? Of course! We all do!
  • Was God surprised that people would do things their own way? No.
  • God had a plan all along. Do you know what that plan was? To send Jesus.
  • That’s right! Jesus came to earth to save people from their sins, and repair their relationship with God.
  • Now, can you find the book of Romans? (Hint: Romans is the 6th book in the New Testament). Look for Chapter 10, verse 9. What does it say? “Say with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord.’ Believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Then you will be saved.
  • What do you think that means? When we believe in Jesus, and that He died and then rose again to take away our sins – and we ask Him to be the king in our life (instead of choosing our own way), he makes us NEW!
  • God’s big plan wasn’t just for the people in the Bible, it was for us too! For you, and me, and your friends, and your family, and your neighbors, and your teachers, and everyone all over the world. He loves us SO much and He wants us to be part of His family.

Let’s Pray!

Open your Bibles and read 1 John 4:9-10 together.

  • How does it make you feel to know that God wants you to be part of His big story?
  • Do you know Jesus?
  • Have you ever asked Him to be the King of YOUR life?
  • If not, would you like to?
    • If your child has already prayed to ask Jesus to forgive them and be part of their life, take some time now and thank Him!
    • If your child has never prayed to ask Jesus to forgive their sins and make them new, you can lead them to Him today!

From the EGC Kids Team: Remember, there is no perfect formula, and no prayer outline you have to follow to lead your children to Jesus. Take it slow and give them a chance to ask as many questions as they want and process their thoughts. It’s ok if you don’t know all the answers, start with what you DO know: that Jesus loves them, and that He wants them to know Him. Trust that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts and give you the words to say! Below is an excellent resource to help guide your discussion, with some verses you can use as you talk.

*If your child decides to follow Jesus, let us know here! We’d love to celebrate with them!

Let’s Do!

What you need:

  • A backpack, suitcase, basket, or grocery bag (one for each child)
  • Lots of heavy items (weights, rocks, canned goods).
  • Masking tape or sidewalk chalk
  • Timer or stopwatch (optional)

What you do:

  • Mark a starting line on the floor on one side of the room, and a finish line at the other end (alternately: you could do this activity outside, with sidewalk chalk lines, or race around your house).
  • Have your child run from the start to the finish, carrying their bag with them. (you can time them with the stopwatch if you want to).
  • Each time, add another heavy item to their bag, until it really slows them down or becomes too heavy for them.
  • Explain to them that sin is like that. It gets really heavy, and weighs us down. But Jesus promises to take our sins, and forgive us, and make us new.
  • Dump all the heavy items out of their bags again and have them run the race one more time.
  • Whew! That was way easier, right?! What do you think is a better idea? Running with all that sin? Or giving it to Jesus?!

Let’s Memorize!

Say with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord.” Believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Then you will be saved.

Romans 10:9

Use the following hand motions to help you learn your verse this week (or make up some of your own!)

Say with your | Put your hands on the sides of your mouth like you’re about to yell
Mouth | Point to your mouth
Jesus | Put your arms out to the sides to make a cross
Is Lord | Make the shape of a crown on your head
Believe in your heart | Put your hands on your heart
God | Point up
Raised Him from the dead | start out in a squat and then jump up
Then you | Point to each other
Will be saved | Give a thumb’s up

Let’s Bless!

Parents/Guardians, bless your child with this blessing:

May you know the immeasurable, incredible love of God this week. May you trust in Jesus, who died on the cross, to take your sins and make you new. May you walk in that newness as a child of God – knowing that YOU are part of God’s Big Story.

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