September 27, 2020: Jesus Restores

This week’s lesson is based on John 9.

Let’s Start!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • How did Jesus heal the blind man? He spit in the mud and put it on his eyes. When the man washed it off, he could see!
  • Why were the Pharisees angry that Jesus healed the man? Because Jesus healed the man on the Sabbath (a day of rest) and they said that making mud counted as working!
  • When Jesus went back to talk to the man, he asks him about the “Son of Man.” Who is the Son of Man? Jesus! The Son of Man is one way Jesus refers to himself!
  • At the end of the story, the man who was healed believed in Jesus and then did what: Worshipped Him!
  • What does the word restore mean? To repair, return, or bring something back to its original condition.
  • If I had a really old car that was broken down and covered in rust, and I took out all the old parts, cleaned it all up, polished it, painted it, and made it look and run like a brand new car, that would be restoring it! Jesus, in the story, restored the man’s eyesight, but he also restored his heart – because he came to know and believe in Jesus.
  • How does Jesus restore us today?
    • He heals our bodies.
    • He heals our hearts. (by giving us his peace instead of fear, or joy instead of sadness).
    • He restores our relationship with God: By dying on the cross for us, and taking our sin, Jesus restores our relationship with God. Remember, sin separates us from God. But the Bible says that when we confess our sins and believe in Jesus (like the healed man did in today’s story), we are made new! We’re restored. And our broken relationship with God is restored too.
    • Someday, Jesus will restore ALL things. All sickness, all sadness, all pain, it will all be gone, forever!
  • Think about the things in the list above. Is there a place in your life that you need God to restore? What is it?
  • Take some time and ask Jesus to restore those things right now!

Let’s Do!

EGC Kids Tip: Today, we’re making “mud” at home! If you don’t want to make the recipe below, you could play with play doh, modeling clay or kinetic sand instead. As you squish it around with your hands, talk about what it would have felt like when Jesus put mud on the man’s face! What do you think the man was thinking? Why do you think Jesus used mud?

Click HERE for tutorial video!

What you need:

  • Large bowl
  • Flour (2 ½ cups)
  • Salt (1 cup)
  • Water
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Tarp or disposable tablecloth (optional)

What you do:

  • Cover the table with the tarp or tablecloth (if desired).
  • Put all of the ingredients except the water in the bowl. If you have food coloring, add it to the water!
  • Then, slowly pour the water into the bowl and help your child(ren) mix it with their hands. Divide the “mud” for everyone to play with!

Let’s Memorize!

To help you memorize your verse this week, have an adult trace around your shoulders and head on large piece of paper or poster board.  Glue on (or draw) a red heart where your heart would be, and write “Jesus Restores Us” at the top of the page. Then write the words to this week’s verse on your poster (or print them off via the file below) and hang it up where you can see it and practice it!

Let’s Pray!

  • The verse right after our remember verse says that God has given US the ministry of reconciliation. We get to be part of his plan to restore others!
  • Do you know anyone who needs God to restore something for them? Maybe they need to be healed, or they don’t know Jesus. Take some time to pray for them right now. Pray that they would come to know Jesus, and that God would heal the broken things in their life too!

Let’s Bless!

Parents/Guardians, close out your prayer time by speaking this blessing over your child(ren):

May you experience the redeeming Love of Jesus today. May you see Him restore your heart and life—and may you help bring restoration to others.

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