This week’s lesson is based on Acts 11: 19-30

Let’s Watch!

“The church of Antioch” by Saddleback Kids

Let’s Talk!

  • When the church in Jerusalem heard that there were a lot of people in Antioch who believed in Jesus, who did they send to check things out? Barnabus
  • As the church grew and grew, who did Barnabus ask to join him in Antioch and help him teach people about the Gospel? Paul
  • Antioch was the first place where people who believed in Jesus were called what? Christians (which means follower of Christ)
  • When a prophet told the Christians in Antioch that there was going to be a famine, what did they do? They sent a gift to the leaders in Jerusalem to help them.
  • If someone asked you: “What is the church?” what would YOU say?
    • A place where you go to learn about God?
    • The place that hosts crazy cool fall festivals and drops eggs from helicopters?
  • Well, let’s watch this next video together and see what it has to say about the church.
“What is the Church?” by Life Kids
  • After watching that video, how would you describe the church (would you change your answer at all from before? We are the church.
  • Look up John 13:35 in your Bible and read it out loud together.
  • How did people know that Christians were Jesus’ disciples? They loved others! (Like the church in Antioch who sent money and gifts to help Jerusalem or the man who sold his field and gave all the money to the church to help people who needed it).
  • The Bible says that more and more people became Christians because of the powerful things that God did through His people (the early church), and because of the way that Christians treated others with love.
  • Can you think of a time that you felt Jesus’ love because of something that someone else did for you? What happened?

Let’s Do!  

What you do:

  1. Print out the donkey poster and tails below (or draw a funny donkey shape on a piece of paper and cut thin strips of paper to use as a tail).
  2. Place a small piece of poster putty or a rolled up piece of tape on the back of the tail and hand it to your child.
  3. Place a blindfold on your child’s eyes and gently guide them to spin around 3 times and then walk to the poster to pin the tail on the donkey.
  4. Make sure everyone in your house gets a turn, and then compare who’s tail was the closest!

Then, repeat the game but this time use a map or a globe.

  1. Have each person spin around (or spin the globe) and then randomly put their finger down somewhere on the map. (if they end up in the middle of an ocean somewhere, they can take another turn).
  2. Write down the name of the country they landed on.
  3. During your prayer time today, take some time to pray for the people living in that country that they would come to know Jesus and trust Him as their savior!

EGC Kids tip: If you’d like to take this activity a step further, you (or your child) can do some research here or here about the countries you landed on so that you have some specific things to pray about this week!

Let’s Pray!

  • God wants all people to know Him. And he wants us, as the church, to tell others about him, and to love other people the way He loves us!
  • Let’s take a few minutes and ask God to show us who we can show his love to this week.
    • Maybe it’s being kind to a sibling or family member
    • Maybe it’s sending someone a card or dropping off a meal or something they need.
  • Then, spend some time praying for that person – and for the people in the country you chose in the pin the tail on the donkey activity.

Let’s Memorize!

To help you memorize your verse this week, pair up with a sibling or parent and take turns saying the verse two words at a time.

By this | everyone will
know that | you are
my disciples | if you

  • When you get to “love one another” give each other a big hug and say the words at the same time.
  • Then, high-five your partner when you say “John 13:35”

Let’s Bless!

Parents/Guardians, close out your lesson time by speaking this blessing based on Philippians 1: 9-11 over your child(ren):

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