Today’s lesson is based on Acts 17

Let’s Start!

Let’s Talk!

  • One day Paul traveled to the city of Athens to tell the people there about Jesus. The people in Athens believed that there were many different gods. They believed in a god of the sun, a god of music, a god of farming, a god of fire. . .In fact, they believed there were so many gods it was impossible to remember or even name them all, so they even worshipped “the unknown god” in case they had missed one – they didn’t want to make one angry by forgetting him!
  • Why did they worship so many gods? Well, they thought all those gods were in charge of those things. Like, if you wanted sunshine for your birthday party you’d ask the sun God. If you wanted your crops to grow, you’d give money to the farming god.
  • Have you ever heard stories about how to make sure you had a snow day the next day like Miss Erin tried? What do people say you’re supposed to do? Sleep with your pajamas inside out and backwards, put your pillow case on inside out, sleep with cotton balls under your pillow, do a special dance before you go to sleep.
  • Let’s say you did ALL that, but woke up the next day and it didn’t even snow!! What do you think might have gone wrong?
    • Did you not use enough cotton balls?
    • Was your dance too boring?
    • Did none of that actually have anything to do with whether or not you’d have a snow day?
  • The people of Athens thought that if they didn’t get what they wanted the gods must be angry because they didn’t give them enough gifts. But Paul came and told them something else. Something that seemed totally crazy! Paul said:
    • There is only ONE God, not many.
    • That ONE God not only controls ALL those other things, he CREATED them!
    • God isn’t some angry person floating up in the air somewhere, He loves you and wants to know you – and wants you to know Him!
  • Let’s watch this video to see how the message Paul shared with them was different:

Let’s Watch!

  • When the video ends, talk about it together:
  • What is God trying to remind his people? How much He loves them!
  • How is God’s story different than what the people in Athens believed? God created people and He loves them. He’s been writing a story from the very beginning that shows people His love. He’s not floating up in the air somewhere, and he’s not “unknown.” You can know God – and he wants you to be part of his family!

Let’s Do: 

What you do:

  • Place a few objects in a bag and have your child(ren) take turns reaching into the bag – without looking! And holding an object in their hand. Have them try to guess what the object is just by touch!
  • If they don’t have any idea, you can give them clues!

What you say:

  • That was tricky guessing what things were just by touch! We don’t have to guess what God is like, though, we know what he’s like because we read about Him in the Bible, He speaks to us, and we see what he’s like in his creation.
  • See if your family can make a list together of what God is like! Some ideas to get you started: Loving, caring, powerful. . .

Let’s Pray!

  • Take a look at the list you made of who God is:
  • Which one of those is your favorite, and why? For instance, I love that God is powerful because it helps me to remember that He is bigger than things that feel scary or hard!
  • Which one do you need God to help you to remember? Ie: I need God to remind me that he is always there because sometimes I feel alone.
  • Pray together and thank God for who He is, and ask him to reveal himself to each person the way they need him to this week!

Let’s Memorize!

Let’s Bless!

Parents/Guardians, close out your lesson time by speaking this blessing over your child(ren):

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