January 3, 2020: Jesus is King

Today’s lesson is based on Matthew 2 

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • Who was the king of Judea when Jesus was born? Herod
  • What did the wise men follow to Jesus? A star
  • Why was Herod angry to hear that there was another king? He was the king! He didn’t want there to be a different one.
  • How did King Herod try to trick the wise men? He told them where to find Jesus and asked them to come back and tell him where he was so that he could worship him.
  • Did King Herod actually want to worship Jesus? No
  • What did the wise men give Jesus? Gifts fit for a king! (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh)
  • The wise men knew that Jesus was the king of ALL kings. The highest ruler of all. So they honored him by bringing him gifts and worshipping him. If you were going to see a king, what would YOU bring him? Ideas: Something valuable, something that you made
  • Can you think of a way you could honor Jesus as king in YOUR life? Hint: We can honor Jesus in lots of ways, even if we don’t have any money or things to give, or can’t go very many places! Below are some ideas to get you started:
    • We honor Jesus as king when we live like He wants us to (Romans 12:2)
    • We honor Jesus as king when we are kind to others (Matthew 25:40)
    • We honor Jesus as king when we worship him (Psalm 95:6)

Let’s Memorize:  

  • To help you memorize your verse this week, have a parent or guardian hold their hands out straight in front of you. Every time you say a word, give them a high five (use your right hand to hit their right hand, then your left hand to hit their left hand).

Tip for Parents / Guardians: You can help your child memorizing by saying the words with them. Each time they start over, skip a different word as you recite it and see if they can still say the verse!

Let’s Do:

Option 1: Funny Phrases (For older kids)

What you do: King Herod, the magi, and many others had to decipher some clues (by reading prophecies!) to figure out where Jesus was supposed to be. Today you’re going to decipher some clues too!

  • Print out the funny phrases worksheet (below) – be sure to print it front to back so that the answers are on the backs.
  • Cut apart the cards on the dotted lines, and then place them all face up on the table in front of you (so that the answers are hidden).
  • See if your family can figure out what the phrase means! (EGC Kids Tip: The sounds are all the same in the answer phrase, but you have to separate the words to be able to solve it!).

Option 2: Find the King

  What you do:

  • Find an object in your home to be the baby Jesus (a baby doll, part of your Christmas nativity set) and hide it somewhere in the room without your child looking.
    • When you say “Go” they have to hunt for Baby Jesus! You can guide them (like the star did!) by telling them whether they are hotter (closer) or colder (farther away).
    • Play as many rounds as time allows.

Let’s Pray:

  • Think about all the ways that you can honor Jesus as king that you listed earlier. Which ones do you think are easy to do? Are any of them hard for you to do? Today as we pray, let’s do two things:
    • Worship Jesus as king! What does Jesus mean to you? Tell Him! Tell him how awesome he is, thank him for the things he’s done, and spend some time worshipping Him. You could turn on some quiet music, sing a worship song as a family, or just go around in a circle and praise Him for who he is and what he’s done!
    • Ask Him to help you make Him king in YOUR life. Our memory verse tells us that everything we do should show that Jesus is king. But sometimes that’s really hard to do. He wants to help us, though! Today as you pray – if you’ve been having a hard time doing one of the things we talked about (being kind to others, choosing to obey) talk to God about it and ask him for his help!

Let’s Bless:

Parents/Guardians, close out your lesson time by speaking this blessing over your child(ren):

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