January 10, 2020: God Calls Us His own

Today’s lesson is based on Ephesians 1 & 2

Let’s Start!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • What is something YOU love to eat?
  • What is something you love to do?
  • What is something unique about you?
    • Do you have a special talent?
    • Are you really good at sports or acting or math?
  • All of those things are really cool, and a lot of fun, but they don’t make you, YOU. What does? God does! After all, He’s the one who created you! Check out the following verses together as a family to see what He has to say about who you are:
    • Ephesians 1: 4-5; 7 God chose you! He forgives you and makes you part of His family!
    • Ephesians 2: 10 God made you just the way you are! He made each one of us unique and special, just like an artist who creates a beautiful masterpiece.
    • Ephesians 1: 13 You were created to glorify God. Not just by doing “good” things, but because he created you in His image! You were created to show other people how incredible God is!
  • So, who are you?? You are a child of God! You’re his masterpiece. Your identity isn’t in what you do (or what you can’t do) – it’s given to you by God, who created you and loves you and makes you part of His family!

Let’s Memorize

To help you memorize your verse this week, Print off one of the coloring pages below or draw your own self portrait. Write (or have a parent write) the words to the verse underneath your portrait and hang it up at your house. Every time you see it, practice saying your verse with YOU in it (see below).

I am God’s creation. He created me to belong to Christ Jesus.”

Let’s Do!

What you need:
– Ink Pad
– Paper
– Magnifying glass (optional)

What you say:
Did you know that one way you can tell that God made you unique is by looking at your fingers? It’s true! At tips of your fingers are some special lines that make up your fingerprints! No two people’s fingerprints are the same!

What you do:
– Have each person in your family take their finger and place it on the ink pad and then on the paper to make their fingerprint.
– Compare everyone’s fingerprints! Can you tell if they look different (a magnifying glass might help).

Let’s Pray!

  • Have you ever really, really wanted to belong, to be chosen, or to be picked for something? What was it? Were you chosen? Or were you disappointed?
  • The Bible tells us that NO matter WHAT happens in your family, or at school, or with your friends: whether or not you get the lead part in the play or are chosen last for a soccer team – you can know that you HAVE been chosen, by God to be part of His family! In fact, that’s why Jesus came! Jesus came to make a way for you to be part of God’s family. And God loves you no matter what. It doesn’t matter what you do or what anyone else thinks!

Parents/Guardians, pray the following blessing over your children to close your time today and then thank God for each one individually and who He has uniquely created them to be!

Let’s Bless!

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