January 17, 2020: God Calls us to Life with Him

Today’s lesson is based on Acts 23-26

Let’s Start!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • Why did the Jewish leaders say that Paul was a troublemaker? Because He told people about Jesus.
  • Governor Felix didn’t really want to deal with it, so instead he just put Paul where? In prison.
  • Do you think Prison was a nice place? No.
  • Things didn’t really get any better for Paul either! He kept being put in prison, then he was shipwrecked, and lots of people got really angry at him for talking about Jesus.
  • If it seemed to cause so many problems, why do you think Paul kept telling people about Jesus anyway? Paul knew that the good news that Jesus had died set people free was the BEST NEWS EVER. He knew that God loved everyone, no matter who they were or what they did.
  • Look up Acts 26:22 together.
  • Who did Paul say he would tell about Jesus? Everyone! Both small and great.
  • Paul loved God and was filled with God’s love for other people. God even helped him to love the men who put him in prison – instead of being angry at them for what they did, he just kept telling them all about Jesus! He wanted them to know Jesus too!

Let’s Memorize!

Click on THIS LINK to have Miss Crystal show you the movements to the verse!

Let’s Do!

Did you know??! At one point, Paul was allowed to live at home, but had a guard with him at ALL times. In fact, some people think the guard might have been chained TO him and they had to go everywhere together! Today, test your coordination with the following tied-together activities!  

  1. Tag-Team snack: Find a buddy (a sibling or a parent) and have someone tie your arm to your buddy’s arm. Next: try to BOTH eat a snack (using only the hands that are tied together!)
  2. Three-legged race: Find a partner and tie your right leg to their left leg with a scarf or bandana. See if you can run to a finish line together (You can’t break apart or you have to start over!)
  3. Balancing Act: Grab your favorite stuffed animal. See how long you can keep your animal balanced on your head while: walking down the stairs, getting a drink of water, or putting on your shoes!

Let’s Pray!

  • Have you ever felt left out or been really, really mad at someone else for something that they did? What happened? Maybe they made fun of you, took something of yours, or you got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
  • It can be really hard to love people when they aren’t kind to us. And it can be really, really hard to serve Jesus and do what he wants when everything seems to be going wrong! Living for Jesus isn’t always easy, but the Bible says that we don’t have to do it on our own: God gives us his Holy spirit to help us.
  • As you pray together today – think about the times or people you talked about when you felt hurt or angry. Then, ask the Holy spirit to fill you with His love for others. God wants to fill You with his love, just like he did for Paul. And he wants to give you the boldness to love other people and tell them about Jesus. 

From the EGC Kids Team: Take some time here to gently prompt and ask questions if your child(ren) want to share anything specific. If they do, try not to use this time to explain: “maybe that person didn’t really mean to______” but to listen, and let your child express how they felt. Encourage them to bring those feelings to Jesus and ask the Holy spirit to help them to respond to people with His love instead of anger. (Note: this does not mean that we do not take action as needed. If your child is being bullied, hurt, or treated unfairly, sometimes other action is warranted – and important! But we can choose whether to let these circumstances make us bitter and angry, or let the Holy Spirit guide us to act in love).

Let’s Bless!

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