Today’s lesson is based on Revelation 19:11–2121—22

Let’s Start!

Let’s Do! (PART 1): Beginning and the End.

Do you ever feel like your days are just totally random? It might feel like that sometimes, but the Bible tells us that God’s story isn’t random (and it makes a whole lot more sense than that story did!!) In fact, the Bible talks about how God is the BEGINNING and the END. He the one who created everything in the beginning, and knows what’s going to happen at the end of the story – and everything in between. Not only that, but you’re part of His story too!

We’ll talk more about that in a minute, but for now, we’re going to talk about some other things that have a beginning and an end by playing a fun game!

What you do:

  • Place two objects (chairs, blankets, etc). as far apart as you can in the room (or do this outside if you have space!).
  • Designate one object as the “beginning” and one object as the “end”
  • As you list off things that have a beginning and an end, have your child(ren) run to stand/sit on the end they prefer!

“Would you rather be at the beginning or the end of . . . .”

  • School year
  • A line
  • Summer break
  • The superbowl
  • A really long day
  • A movie
  • A school bus ride
  • A shopping trip
  • A vacation
  • A roller coaster ride
  • A book
  • A long train

Let’s Watch!

Now, let’s take a look at part of God’s story together (*we promise this story makes more sense!)

Let’s Talk!

  • Think about the beginning: when God created the world. What was it like? It was perfect! There was no sickness or sadness or hurt – and God’s people (Adam and Eve) walked with God!
  • We all know what happened though, right? People chose to do what THEY wanted instead of what God wanted – Sin separated people from God and let all kinds of bad things into the perfect world – God had a plan – He sent Jesus – Jesus defeated sin and death and made a way for us to be with God forever – And now we can live as His children!
  • But that STILL isn’t the end of the story! The Bible says that Jesus is coming back, and when he does he is going to make the world perfect again.
  • Can you find the very last book in your Bible? What is it? Revelation
  • Do you know what Revelation means? A revelation is like a secret that’s being told.
  • What does the book of Revelation tell us about? What it will be like when Jesus comes back!
  • Imagine that you could create a brand new, perfect world. What would it be like?
    • Would you eat pizza every night for dinner?
    • Would there be puppies everywhere to play with and snuggle?
    • Would it be like the best-ever summer vacation that lasts forever?
  • What are some of the things Revelation tells us about the new, perfect world we will live in when Jesus comes back? It’s filled with his glory, Jesus is there, there is a river of life, there is no more pain or sadness or sickness. . .
  • There’s a lot we don’t know about what it will be like, but we do know this: it will be AWESOME. Why? Because Jesus will be there!!

Let’s Memorize!

Let’s Do! (Part 2):

Grab a piece of paper or a large piece of poster board and write Jesus on the top. Then, make a list of things you know about Jesus. What is he like? (Think about stories in the Bible, or who he’s been in your life, or what the Bible says about Him.)

Let’s Pray!

  • What is your favorite thing that we wrote down about Jesus?
  • It’s kind of fun to imagine what it will be like when Jesus comes back! But it’s important to remember that he’s still here with us now, too. He still talks to us and helps us now!
  • In fact, let’s take some time to talk to him today! Play the song HERE (or your favorite quiet music) and spend some time talking to Jesus and listening for Him to talk to you! Here are some ways you could start:
    • Jesus, thank you for . . .
    • Jesus, I love you because . . .
    • Jesus, I’m worried about . . .
    • Jesus, I need your help . . .

EGC Kids tip: Sometimes, listening for God to speak to us can feel awkward and strange. But we believe that our kids can hear from Jesus and that he wants to speak to them! Encourage them to spend some quiet time listening for his voice as they pray and then talk about it together. Remember, God can talk to us in lots of ways! How did they feel as they prayed? Did they see, hear or sense anything? Did something or someone specific come to mind? Encourage them that God loves them, and LOVES to spend time with them!

Let’s Bless!

May you know that God is the Beginning and the End. May you know that you are a child of God and that He talks to you. May you know and love Jesus, now, and forever. And may His promises fill your heart and give you peace.

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