February 7, 2021: God is Worthy of Worship

Today’s lesson is based on Genesis 11-12; 15

Let’s Start!

Let’s Do! Build a Tower

  • For YOUNGER kids: Gather some building materials and see how tall of a tower you can build – either on your own or work as a group! Below are some ideas of what to build with:
    • Building toys: legos, blocks, etc.
    • Household items: rolls of toilet paper, pillows, plastic cups
    • Outdoor option: snow!
  • For OLDER kids: Make it a challenge! See how fast you can build your tower, and then try to beat that time on the next round. Make it extra fun by recording a slow-mo video of you knocking it down in between!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • What was your favorite part about building towers?
  • What made it hard?
  • Do you think that today’s story means that God really doesn’t like towers? No. . .
  • IS there a rule in the ten commandments that says “Thou shalt not build towers?” No!
  • If God doesn’t have anything against towers, what was today’s story about? Today’s story isn’t really about whether or not we should build towers, it’s about what we do with the creativity and strength and knowledge that God gives us. He wants us to use those things to honor him, and to follow him. The people in today’s story had a different idea. They wanted to become powerful. They wanted everyone to know them. They wanted to be the biggest and the best and they wanted to prove they could do it without God.
  • What happened next? God made it so that they all spoke different languages!
  • Woah, crazy, right? How many languages do YOU speak? Do you know anyone who speaks a different language?
  • You see, the people thought they could come up with the best plans on their own, but God ALREADY had a plan. In fact, a couple chapters later He told a man named Abram that He was going to have lots and lots and lots of kids and grandkids and great grandkids and great great grandkids and. . . well, you get the idea!
  • Read Genesis 12: 1-3 together
  • The people who wanted to build the tower thought they needed to make their own plans, but God already had a plan. They didn’t have to build a tower so that people would know them, God was going to make a great nation! It wasn’t about proving how powerful they were, it was just about following Him!
  • What do you think it looks like to follow Jesus?

Let’s Memorize!
The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. Isaiah 40:28

Let’s Pray!

  • Have you ever tried really hard to impress someone else or get them to like you? Have you ever done something to prove that you were bigger or stronger than someone else?
  • When we do those things, it’s like we’re worshipping other people (or ourselves!) – because we’re saying that what they think is more important than what God thinks.
  • Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that only God is worthy of worship. Not other people, and definitely not ourselves! We need to remember that HE has a plan for us, and that we can trust Him because He’s good and He loves us.
  • Today as we pray, think about things that are important to you: things like other people, your favorite toys, maybe something you really want or wish you had. . . And then ask God if you’ve been treating those things as MORE important than Him. Maybe you’ve been too focused on them, or you’ve made some poor decisions because of them. If you have, ask him to forgive you and to help you to trust in HIM and His plan!

Let’s Bless!

Parents, end your prayer time by praying the following blessing over your child(ren):

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