February 14, 2021: God is the Lord

Today’s lesson is based on Exodus 2-4

Let’s Start!   

Can you guess what something is just by the way it sounds? Watch this video to see how many you can guess!

Let’s Do! (Name scramble / scavenger hunt)

  • Grab some post it notes or scraps of paper and on each one, write the letters to each family member’s name (one letter per piece of paper)
  • For younger kids: Scatter the papers around the room and have your child hop on one foot to collect each one. Once they have all of them, help them unscramble the letters to spell their name!
  • For older kids: Hide the pieces of paper around your house for each child to find like a scavenger hunt! First one to find all their letters and unscramble their name wins!

Bonus activity: Do you know what your name means? Take some time this week to look up the meaning of each of your family members’ names!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • Do you think you would answer back if a burning bush started talking to you – or would you run as far as you could the other direction?
  • Moses had a hard time believing that God would talk to him, let alone ask Him do something for Him! Moses felt like a nobody. He didn’t seem to fit anywhere and he didn’t feel like anything special. But God knew who he was.
  • Have you ever felt like you aren’t good enough for God?
  • What did God want Moses to do? To go tell the Pharaoh to let his people go! (remember, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt).
  • Moses still felt unsure. He asked God what to say if the Israelites didn’t believe Him and asked who told Him to come. Let’s find out what God said!
  • Read Exodus 3:14-15 together.
  • What did God call Himself? I am.
  • That might sound like a strange name, I mean, it really isn’t even a name at all, is it? But what God is saying by using the name I AM is:
    • I am the God who created you. I am powerful, and I know you.
    • I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I was with them, and I am with you.
    • I am real. I am not like the false gods the Egyptians worship.
    • I am Your God, and you are my people.
    • I am everything I say I am. You can trust me.
  • God wanted the Israelites to know that He was the one true God, the one who rules over ALL things, and that they belonged to Him and He wanted them to know Him. And he wants you to know Him too!

Let’s Memorize!

Follow along with Miss Crystal this week and use motions to learn your verse!

Let’s Pray!

  • In today’s story, Moses heard God’s voice from a burning bush! You might not hear God speak to you from a bush (and you definitely shouldn’t try to set your mom’s shrubs on fire to find out if they start talking!) but you can hear from God too!
  • Can you think of some ways that God speaks to us? Dreams, visions, words, knowing something we couldn’t have known otherwise, through His word, through other people.
  • One of our EGC Kids core truths is “God Talks to Me,” because we believe you can hear from God too. God wants you to know His voice!
  • Today, instead of a large group prayer, take some time to pray on your own! You can tell God about your day or things you’re worried about, but be sure to leave some time where you just sit quietly and ask Him to speak to You! Remember, sometimes when He speaks we see something, sometimes we hear something, and sometimes we just know something in our hearts. If you don’t hear anything specific this time, that’s ok. Keep asking Him to talk to you and keep listening! You’ll get to know His voice just like Moses did!

Let’s Bless!

Parents, end your prayer time with the following blessing over your child(ren):

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