February 21, 2021: God is the Lord: Part II

Today’s Lesson is based on Exodus 5-11

Let’s Start!   

Let’s Do!

Did you know that in Ancient Egypt, when a Pharaoh died (a Pharaoh was their ruler), they would wrap him up because they thought that doing so could make him live forever! We know that Jesus is the one who gives us eternal life, not a bunch of strips of cloth. But we’re still going to have some fun with it anyway and make our own mummy!


  • A roll of toilet paper or streamers


  • Choose one person in your family to be the “mummy”
  • Have the rest of the family stand around the person in the center and wrap them up from head to toe in toilet paper (remember to make sure they can still breathe though!)
  • To make this more challenging: make it a competition! Choose two people to be mummies and see who can cover their mummy the fastest!

Let’s Watch!

** Today, we’re going to continue the story of Moses and find out what happened when he went to free the Israelites in Egypt. We’re going to be learning this story in two parts, so stop this week’s video at 4:20.

Let’s Talk!

  • When Moses went to talk to the Egyptian leader and tell him that God wanted him to let His people go, what did the Pharaoh do? Kicked them out and instead made the Israelites work even harder!
  • Last week, when Moses asked God what his name was, God said something that seemed kind of strange. Do you remember what it was? I AM
  • That’s right! God said to tell the people that “I AM” had sent him. God wanted the people to know not just who he wasn’t, but who he was.
  • God didn’t say: “Well, I’m not pharaoh, isn’t that good enough? Anyone should be better than him!”
  • If you asked me what my name was and I said: “I’m NOT William.” Does that help you at all? What if I said: “I’m not Abraham Lincoln?” Yeah, not super helpful.
  • So, who is this God who called Moses? Well, for starters, he wasn’t one of the Egyptian Gods. He wasn’t the god of the Nile River or the God of the Sun. Who was He? He was THE God. He was THEIR God. The same God who called Abraham and set them apart as His people.
  • How did God prove who he was to all the people in Egypt? Sending Plagues
  • What plagues did God send? Turned the Nile river into blood, filled the country with frogs, gnats, and locusts, made the animals and people sick, sent darkness and hailstorms.
  • Now, imagine that you believed there was a god that controlled the Nile River and gave you all that amazing water. Then imagine that the water gets yucky and you can’t use it and no amount of praying to your god can fix it. Would you start to think maybe Moses’ God was real? Yes! God was showing the people through the plagues that HE was the true God. He was ‘I AM.”
  • Can you think of anything else he proved he was more powerful than in today’s story? The weather, false gods, the pharaoh, the people, sickness and heath, animals and bugs.
  • Even though the Pharaoh still didn’t want to set His people free, God was proving to Him, and to the Israelites He was and always will be I AM. The one who is king over all. He is the Lord and there is no one like him! (even after all that, the Pharaoh still refused to let God’s people go free, at first. But there’s more to the story! Join us next week to find out what happened next!)

Let’s Memorize!

The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. Isaiah 40:28

Let’s Pray!

  • God showed the Israelites that He was all-powerful and that He loved them and had heard their cries for help.
  • Where do you need God’s help today? Maybe you need his strength to do something you don’t feel like you can do. Maybe you need his power – for healing in your body or in a relationship. Maybe you need His wisdom to know what to do.
  • Where does the world around us need God? What’s happening in your family, your school, our country or around the world? Where can you ask God to move in a powerful way?
  • Take some time to pray for those things now. Ask him for help for things in your life – and spend some time as a family lifting up other people or other situations that are heavy on your hearts. Remember, God’s promises aren’t just for the Israelites, they are for you too! He is with you, He hears you, and He still moves in a mighty way because HE IS LORD.

Let’s Bless!

Parents, end your prayer time by praying the following blessing over your child(ren):

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