Today’s lesson is based on Exodus 12-14

Let’s Start!   

Draw lines for each letter of this week’s theme (God gives new life) on a piece of paper or dry erase board as illustrated below:

_ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ | _ _ _ _

Have children guess a letter at a time until it’s filled in!

Let’s Do!

Alternate Activity: RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK! Set up a series of challenges that students have to complete in one minute. Leader will explain the challenge, set a timer and say go! Some ideas are:

  • Build the tallest tower they can out of cups or legos
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Sort objects by color
  • Carry something (crumpled pieces of paper, stuffed animals) from a basket on one side of the room to a basket on the other side of the room

Let’s Watch!

Last week we talked about what happened when Moses when to the Pharaoh and told him to let God’s people go. Even after God sent plagues to show that He really was God (and more powerful than the Egyptian gods!), the Pharaoh still didn’t want to let the Israelites go. Let’s find out what happened next.

Let’s Talk!

  • For today’s activity, you didn’t have much time to find an object for the scavenger hunt or complete the challenges. In today’s Bible story, who else was told that there wouldn’t be much time? The Israelites.
  • What did God tell them to do to be ready to go right away? Pack their things, make bread without yeast in it, and eat dinner in the clothes they would travel in.
  • God knew Pharaoh would set them free and wanted them to be ready to get up and go. During the very last plague, what did God tell his people to put on their doorframes? Blood from a lamb or goat. 
  • It might seem like a strange way to protect his people, but God was giving them a picture of what was going to happen years later. You see, not only did the people in Egypt need to be saved, ALL of God’s people, you and me included, need to be saved from something too. Do you know what that is? Sin.
  • That’s right. God showed his people that not only was he going to protect them and get them out of slavery in Egypt and give them a new life, He was going to make a way for ALL of us to have a new life – Through Jesus!
  • The meal that the Israelites ate that night became known as Passover. Did you know that we still celebrate Passover today when we take communion?
  • The night before Jesus died, he broke bread with his disciples to celebrate Passover with them. He told them to keep celebrating together – to remember his sacrifice for us and to celebrate the new life we have in Him!
  • When we celebrate communion, the bread represents Jesus’ body which was broken for us. And the juice represents his blood, just like the blood of the passover lamb, that was shed so that our sins could be forgiven and we could have new life with Him.
  • Even though we don’t bring a suitcase with us when we take communion, we’re still saying to God: “I trust you – and I’m ready to see what you’re going to do in MY life!” because we know that God Gives New Life.

From the EGC Kids Team: Want to go deeper? Parents, we have a communion guide available here that you can use when you’re talking about communion with your kids or taking communion at home as a family!

Let’s Memorize!

Let’s Pray!

  • In Exodus 13:3, Moses tells the people to celebrate the Passover to remember how God saved them with his MIGHTY hand.
  • What do you think mighty means? Can you use an action to show might? (show off your muscles, lift something heavy)
  • Ok. Before we pray, let’s practice some motions we’ll use when we pray. [practice taking a step, walking in place, and taking a giant leap. As you pray, they’ll do these motions when you say “step, walk, or jump.”]
  • Dear Jesus, Help us to trust you. Help us to always step toward you. Help us to walk in the new life you give us, and be ready to jump into whatever you call us to do! Amen.

Let’s Bless!

Parents, end your prayer time with the following blessing:

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