Sunday, March 28: Palm Sunday

Today’s lesson is based on: Matthew 21:1–11John 12:12–19

Let’s Start!   

Today we’re going to celebrate Palm Sunday by making our own Palm Branches!

Option 1: Print the file below, color it in green, and cut along the lines to make a palm branch. To make it stronger, tape or glue your palm branch onto a paint stick, straw, or a stick from outside.

Option 2: cut your own palm branches out of green construction paper or tape thin paper strips onto a stick!

Let’s Watch!

  • Do you know what next Sunday is? Easter!
  • Next week we’ll learn more about what Easter means, but today we’re going to take some time and talk about another important day – Palm Sunday!
  • Before Jesus’ died and rose again, He and his disciples went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. Passover was a special feast to celebrate how God set His people free from slavery in Egypt.
  • That day, Jesus made quite the entrance to Jerusalem. In fact, years before, the prophet Zechariah had talked about it (check it out in Zechariah 9:9). Let’s watch and see what happened!

Let’s Talk!

  • If you could ride into town on any sort of animal (real or imaginary), what would it be?
  • Why do you think Jesus rode into town on a donkey? A donkey was a symbol of humility and peace.
  • What did the people do when they saw Jesus? (check out Matthew 21:9) They waved their palm branches and shouted “Hosanna!”
  • Hosanna means “save us!” The people wanted Jesus, as their king, to defeat the Romans and set up his own kingdom – but Jesus’ kingdom looked different than the people expected. What is Jesus’ kingdom like? Jesus is the King of Kings! He is the King over all because he is God. He did come to rescue his people, but, instead of bringing huge armies and winning battles, he rescued them by defeating sin and death when he died on the cross and rose again.
  • What Kind of King is Jesus? Look up the following verses and talk about how they describe Jesus as King:
    • Psalm 24:8: He’s the King of glory, He’s strong, and He wins every battle
    • Isaiah 32:1: He’s righteous (makes the right decisions and pleases God)
    • Revelation 1:5: He’s a loving king who chose to die to free us from our sin.
  • When we know Jesus as our King, we can cry out to Him: “Hosanna! Save us!” We can ask him to forgive us for our sins and help us to live our lives for Him!

Let’s Do!  

  • Download and print the donkey poster and tails below, or draw your own donkey and use string or paper as it’s tail!
  • Have one person at a time wear a blindfold and spin around, then try to place the tail on the donkey. Whoever is closest wins!

Let’s Memorize!

Let’s Pray! 

Make sure you have your palm branches available for today’s prayer time!

  • How does it make you feel to know that Jesus is the king over everyone and everything?  
  • Have you ever had to surrender to Jesus as King by doing something you knew He wanted you to do even though it was hard? (to surrender means to give up what you want and do what He wants instead) What happened?
  • Let’s spend a few minutes asking Him if there is anything you need to give to Him today:
    • Maybe you need to ask Jesus to forgive you for not doing something he wants you to do (like being kind to your siblings or obeying your mom or dad).
    • Maybe you’ve been praying about something and it hasn’t happened – and you need to give that to Jesus and say: “I trust you.”
    • Or, maybe you just need to say to Him, Jesus: Thank you for being my king! You are strong and mighty and right, and I love you and trust you!
  • We can honor Jesus as King in our lives just like the people did on Palm Sunday by giving Him control of our lives and worshipping Him! As you pray, write down whatever you think of on your palm branches and then hold them out to Jesus.
  • If you’ve never asked Jesus to be King of your life, you can do that today! The Bible says that if we believe in our hearts that He is God and that He came and died and rose again to take away our sin, and we ask Him to be King in our lives, we get to be part of His kingdom! He’s not only the most powerful King ever, he’s also the BEST king ever. He loves you SO much, and He wants you to know Him.
  • If you do pray to ask Jesus to be king in your life, we’d love to celebrate with you! Send us an email to let our team know!

Let’s Bless!

Parents, end your prayer time by speaking the following blessing over your child(ren):

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