Holy Week 2021: Easter Sunday -Jesus is Alive!

This week’s lesson is based on John 20

Let’s Start!   

  • Imagine that it’s night time, and you’re outside looking up at the sky. What would you see? Stars, clouds, planets, the moon. . .
  • Now, what if I told you that out there, farther away than you could see, was a planet in our solar system called Neptune. Would you believe me? Why or why not?
  • Even if YOU’VE never seen Neptune, you trust that it exists because scientists have seen it with telescopes, and we have pictures of it in our science books, right?
  • Can you think of anything else that you know exists even if you can’t directly SEE it? The wind, thunder, Africa, a seed planted in the ground, a helicopter that’s too far away to see (but you can hear it!)
  • Now, what if I told you that beyond Neptune was a planet called Smorglesdorf, and that everyone who lived on Smorglesdorf wore polka dotted shorts and sang “row row row your boat” while rowing down cotton candy streams in upside down umbrellas. Would you believe me then? Why or why not?
  • The disciples faced kind of the same problem after Jesus died. No, no one told them about Smorglesdorf, but think about it: They SAW Jesus die. They watched his body get placed in a grave with a huge stone in front of it. But then, someone came to them with some crazy news: JESUS was ALIVE! He had risen from the dead!!
  • Let’s see how they responded:

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • Jesus IS ALIVE!
  • Who found the empty tomb? The women
  • What did the Angel say to the women? He is not here! He has risen, just like He said!”
  • How do you think that made the women feel, and why? Excited! If Jesus was alive and had raised from the dead, that meant he really was who he said he was. He IS the LORD!
  • How did the disciples respond when they saw Jesus? At first they were frightened and confused. Some didn’t believe it! But once they realized it was really him the Bible says they were overjoyed (super excited!)
  • What did Jesus do when He spoke with Thomas? He appeared in the room – even though he hadn’t opened the door, and let Thomas touch his hands and his side so that Thomas could see for himself that Jesus was real and that he was alive.
  • John 20:31 says that: “By believing you may have life in Jesus’ name.” Because Jesus rose from the dead, that means he has defeated sin and death – giving us new life in Him! We can have new life forever with Jesus (someday) but also a full life here and now as part of his kingdom! (See John 10:10).
  • In fact, real life comes only through Jesus because HE IS ALIVE!

Let’s Do! 

Make some Empty Tomb Rolls together as a family to celebrate that JESUS is ALIVE!

  • You can find a recipe by googling “Empty Tomb Rolls” (you’ll place a marshmallow rolled in cinnamon sugar inside of crescent roll dough or other bread dough and bake it: as they bake, the marshmallow melts into the dough leaving an empty pocket inside the roll!)

Let’s Memorize!

Let’s Pray! 

  • Knowing that Jesus is alive, how do you want to respond to Him today?
    • Do you want to ask Him to be the King of your life – and give you new life too?
    • Do you want to thank Him for what He’s done for you?
    • Do you want to praise Him?
  • Go ahead and spend some time talking to Jesus! He is still very much alive – and wants you to know Him and the new life he has for you too!

Let’s Bless!

Parents, end your prayer time by speaking the following blessing over your children:

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