We’re so glad you’re here!

As we navigate this unique season as a church, we want to provide our families with a resource that can be used at home! On our site you’ll find helpful information and updates from your EGC Kids team, fun videos for toddlers, and weekly lessons that you can complete as a family.

Our online lessons include a lot of the things we usually do in our EGC Kids classes: a story or video, activities you can complete at home, a memory verse, and even worship videos!

NOTE: Online lessons are based on the TruStory 1-5th grade curriculum, and are written and compiled by a member of our EGC Kids team. To keep things simple, we’ve tailored the online lessons to work for our families with children in preschool through 5th grade. In many cases, we’ve posted a link to a video that complements the lesson (note: videos are not our original content, but are free resources found on either the Saddleback Kids or Crossroads Kids club Youtube channels). If you’re looking for additional content to use at home, we highly recommend that you check them out!

We also have additional resources: like a guide to Communion at Home, or Talking with Children about the Coronavirus. If there’s something you’d like to see here or an additional resource that would be helpful for your family, let us know here!

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