December 20, 2020: Jesus is the Promised Savior

Today’s lesson is based on: Isaiah 9:1–2, 6–7; Luke 2 Let’s Start! Have you ever had really big news to share? Something you couldn’t wait to tell someone about? What was it? Lets say you had some suuuuper exciting news. Like, the most exciting news you could possibly ever have. How would you tell people about it? Jesus’Continue reading “December 20, 2020: Jesus is the Promised Savior”

November 22, 2020: God is Good | A Lesson in Thankfulness

Have you ever had a really lousy day? Paul and Silas did in this week’s lesson – but they chose to praise God anyway, even from prison! Find out what praise means, how it relates to Thanksgiving (and what happened to Paul and Silas!) in this week’s lesson.

November 1, 2020: God’s Power Changes Everything

Did you know that God is able to do way more than we could even imagine? Peter and John got to see his power at work through them in a super cool way – and so can you! Watch a short video about Peter and John, do some Power-up exercises, and find out more in this week’s lesson!

October 18: God Restores Relationship

This week’s lesson is based on Luke 22:63-24:8 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Can you think of some real (or imaginary) people who rescue others? Firefighters, policemen, superheroes! All of those people rescue others from something, right? Whether it’s from a fire or an emergency or an imaginary villain, they rescue people who needContinue reading “October 18: God Restores Relationship”