October 18: God Restores Relationship

This week’s lesson is based on Luke 22:63-24:8 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Can you think of some real (or imaginary) people who rescue others? Firefighters, policemen, superheroes! All of those people rescue others from something, right? Whether it’s from a fire or an emergency or an imaginary villain, they rescue people who needContinue reading “October 18: God Restores Relationship”

October 11, 2020: God’s Love Compels

Based on: Matthew 26:1-56; John 17 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! What was the feast of Passover? A time for God’s people to remember when God brought his people out of Egypt! Where did Jesus and his disciples go to celebrate Passover? Jerusalem What was Jesus talking about when he said “the hour hasContinue reading “October 11, 2020: God’s Love Compels”

October 4, 2020: Jesus is Life

This week’s lesson is Based on John 11 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! What are the names of Jesus’ good friends in the story? Mary, Martha, and Lazarus Martha knew the only one who could heal Lazarus was who? Jesus! Did Jesus leave right away when he heard that Lazarus was sick? No! InContinue reading “October 4, 2020: Jesus is Life”

September 27, 2020: Jesus Restores

This week’s lesson is based on John 9. Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! How did Jesus heal the blind man? He spit in the mud and put it on his eyes. When the man washed it off, he could see! Why were the Pharisees angry that Jesus healed the man? Because Jesus healed theContinue reading “September 27, 2020: Jesus Restores”

September 20, 2020: God is Near

This week’s lesson is based on:  Matthew 14:22–36; John 6:16–21 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Have YOU ever ridden in a boat or on a raft? What was it like? Imagine that you were in your boat, and it started to storm. Imagine that the wind was blowing like crazy and your boat was bouncingContinue reading “September 20, 2020: God is Near”

September 13, 2020: Jesus is Compassionate

This week’s lesson is based on: Matthew 14:13–21; John 6:1–15 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Why did crowds of people follow Jesus? They saw or heard that He performed miracles! Right before this story happened in the Bible, Jesus learned that John the Baptist had died. Jesus was sad and decided to go away by himselfContinue reading “September 13, 2020: Jesus is Compassionate”

September 6, 2020: The Big God Story

Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Where can you read about God’s story? The Bible! Grab your Bible and open it up. Flip through some of the pages and read the names of some of the books out loud (Hint: The names of the Books should be at the tops of the pages, or youContinue reading “September 6, 2020: The Big God Story”

August 30: Remember and Celebrate

Let’s Start! To our Parents/Guardians: The Bible talks about many feasts that God’s people would celebrate throughout the year to remember [looking back at something God had done] and celebrate [praising God, and looking ahead expectant for what he would to]. Here at EGC Kids, we host Remember & Celebrate weekends where we learn aboutContinue reading “August 30: Remember and Celebrate”

August 23, 2020: God Helps

Let’s Start/Do! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! When the woman came to Simon’s house to see Jesus, what did she do? She knelt at Jesus’ feet, crying, wiped his wet feet clean with her hair, kissed them, and then poured expensive perfume on them! Earlier in the story we heard that the woman was known asContinue reading “August 23, 2020: God Helps”

August 16: God Forgives

*This week’s lesson is based on Mark 2:1-12 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Why was it so crowded around Jesus? People wanted to see him heal people, and they wanted to hear what he had to say. What did the friends do to get the paralyzed man into the house to see Jesus? TheyContinue reading “August 16: God Forgives”