Sunday, May 17: God is Warrior

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Let’s Start!

“If you had to choose one, would you rather eat a frog or a bug?”

I (Miss Melanie) ate a bug once that my Sunday School teacher brought in for us as a snack! She wasn’t joking! Good thing we’re doing church at home now just in case EGC Kids teachers had the same idea, huh?!

Before we get started today, let’s invite God into our time! Open up your hands to God and close your eyes.

Holy Spirit, we invite you into our time this week. We ask you to speak to us and show us what You’re like. We thank you that you hear us when we talk to you and that You have everything under control.

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

  • First, let’s review:
    • Where were God’s people slaves? Egypt
    • Do you know what they did as slaves? Make bricks and build things.
    • What did Pharaoh say when Moses told him to let God’s people be free and go? No!
    • What were some of the things that happened to Egypt when Pharaoh said that? Can you name 3?
      • Plagues: water turned to blood, frogs, lice, flies, animal sickness, people sickness, hail, locusts, darkness, someone from each house died
    • What happened to God’s people while all those plagues were happening? They were safe.
    • Did Pharaoh finally change his mind? Yes!  What did God’s people do when he did? Pack up and leave!
  • Did God’s people do anything special to fight the Egyptians? No.
  • Who fought for them? God.
  • Have YOU ever felt like you were faced with a problem that you couldn’t fight on your own? What kinds of problems? Possible answers to consider: trouble sleeping because of fear, other kids being mean, feeling bad/guilty because you did something wrong?
  • Things inside of us can feel very heavy sometimes, especially when we’re going through problems that feel like battles. Sometimes loneliness, pain, guilt or fear can feel like a heavy brick inside (like the heavy bricks God’s people had to make for the Egyptians). God wants us to know that He is a Warrior. He fights for us!
  • Get your Bible and look up Exodus 14:14 to see what Moses said to God’s people. What does it say? The Lord will fight for you. Just be still.
  • What do you think that means about your battles and hard times?
  • God, who is a Warrior, is the same one who fought for His people. He fights for you!
  • Can you think of a time when God fought for you are someone you love? Tell about it.

EGC KIDS Tip: Parents, this would be a great time for you to share a way that God has fought for you in your life! Sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness with our children is one way to help them connect with God in their own lives.

  • Look up Psalm 55:22. What does it say to do with our worries? Give them to God.

Let’s Pray!

Lord, you know all of the heavy things on our heart. You know all the stuff that we worry about. Right now, we give them to you (pause and take a moment to give God the stuff that feels heavy).

We know that you are a warrior and that you fight for us. You take care of the things we can’t control or do on our own. We thank you that you are the strongest and are fighting for us. We trust you to take care of us.

Take few minutes to pray and ask God to come help you in any battles you’re currently facing. Write them down somewhere and see what God will do!

Let’s Memorize!

This week’s Remember Verse comes from Psalm 55:22. Try playing this song after dinner or before bed a few nights this week to learn the verse.

Let’s Do!


Can you imagine how stinky it must have been in Egypt when all those frogs were there? In this activity, we’re going to collect the frogs as fast as we can!!

For this activity you will need:

  • Construction or colored paper
    • OPTION 1 : 3-5 colors (best for 1-2 children or young children)
    • OPTION 2: 1 color per child (for larger families or older children)
  • An area with a space to run around (living room, backyard etc.)

How to play:

  1. Cut the paper into 8-12 pieces per page. You can cut circles, squares, or if you’re very talented with scissors: FROGS!
  2. Spread the “frogs” all over the room or yard.
  3. OPTION 1:
    • Parent or older child shouts: “Go” + a color. [ie: Go, Blue!] tip: make sure you pick a color that corresponds with the ones you have spread out! lol
    • The child/children should go and collect the frogs of that color as quickly as possible. *if you have older or more competitive children, you can time how long it takes for them to do it!
    • Spread the papers out again and repeat the game with a different color!
  4. OPTION 2:
    • Assign each child a different color.
    • Shout “GO!”
    • Each child should run and collect his/her frogs as fast as possible
    • The first one back with all their “frogs” is the winner!

Let’s Bless! (Psalm 144:2)

Parents/guardians: have your children stand with you with their hands open and palms up, in a posture of receiving a blessing from God. Read Psalm 144:1-2 and then pray this blessing over them.

I bless you to know God as Warrior, as a place of safety and a shield. May you see the ways God fights for you this week.

If you have more than one child, have them repeat, “May you see the ways God fights for you this week” over one another!


Sunday, May 10, 2020: God is I AM.

Weekend hangouts will resume next week! Parents, please check your email for details, and scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our Mother’s Day video!

Let’s Start!

How would you describe yourself? First, write your name at the top of a piece of paper. Below that, write words or draw pictures of things that describe you (don’t use your name again).

Note to Parents: If children have trouble, suggest things like: number of siblings, sports or hobbies they enjoy, favorite colors or foods, personality traits etc.

Wow! You are amazing! You have different personality traits, interests and strengths.

You are a lot of things at once! If we were reading that list or looking at the pictures, would people be able to guess that we’re talking about you?

Let’s take a minute and welcome God. Open your hands and close your eyes.

God, we thank you that you know us and made us each unique, no two of us are the same. We thank you that you made us in your image. We invite you to come and remind us of who You are and what You’re like. 

Let’s Watch!

Moses, Part I: Exodus 1-2
Moses, Part II: The Burning Bush

Let’s Talk!

Grab your Bible and look up Exodus 3:14 and read it out loud together.

  • What did God say His name was? I AM who I AM
  • What do you think that name means?
    • This name for God is a very important name. God is not like anyone or anything else. It shows that God is the only true God. He’s God over all things and yet is personal and wants to be near to us.

DID YOU KNOW? 5 times in the conversation between God and Moses at the burning bush, it says: “But Moses. . .” Moses complained, was afraid, and had excuses, but each time God responded by reassuring Moses that He would be with him and help him!

  • Have YOU ever felt like Moses? Like something God wanted you to do (or your parent or teacher asked you to do) was too hard?
    • Tell about it!
    • What do you think God would say to you, if you told Him? **Remember what He said to Moses!
  • In the times when we think things are too hard, we can know that God is I AM. He is everything at the same time! He’s strong. He’s gentle. He’s loving. He’s powerful. He’s our helper. He’s our king. He knows everything about us and wants to be close to us!

Let’s Do!

Option 1: It’s science time! For this activity you will need:

  • 1 black non-permanent marker
  • 1 coffee filter (you can also use tissue paper, white construction paper, or even toilet paper folded 3-4 pieces high).
  • Something to drip with (an eye dropper or a medicine dropper work well, or try gently squeezing a wet paper towel to get one drop of water at a time).
  • Scissors
  • Water (1-2 tablespoons)
Science Experiment: Coffee Filter and Black Marker

Step 1: Cut the filter or paper into a biggish circle and put it onto a dinner plate.

Step 2: Draw a circle about the size of a quarter onto the paper (fill it in).

Step 3: Drip 10 drops onto the black circle. (You might need a little more if you’re using construction paper, a little less if using toilet paper)

Step 4: Watch the black circle. What happens? It should change colors or create different colored rings around it.

This is what God is like!! Even though the marker ink looks like it is just black, it’s actually made up of a lot of different colors. And God is like that too! He has all of those different names and character traits all at the same time!

Alternate or additional activity: Make a tree out of paper and label it with all the different names of God that you can think of (make sure you add the ones that you know He’s been to you – like kind, loving, king, helper etc.)           

Let’s Pray!

God, we thank you that you are so good. You are everything that we need and have everything under control. We ask you to show us this week what you’re like. Help us to see your faithfulness, your peace, your help, your strength and whatever else you want us to see about you. We love you and are so glad to be your kids. Thanks!

Let’s Memorize!

EGC Kids Tip: To learn the verse this week, take turns to see who can say it the loudest!!

Let’s Bless!

Bless each other by writing notes beginning with “I bless you to know God as …

Here are some examples:

  • I bless you to know God as your Helper with math.
  • I bless you to know God as your Peace as you fall asleep.
  • I bless you to know God as your Friend as you go outside to play.

Sunday, May 3, 2020: God Saves

Let’s Start!

Let’s start with prayer! Let’s put our hands out in front of us like we’re giving or receiving a gift. After you pray, take a quiet moment to just let Jesus help you to relax and focus on Him.

Jesus, we thank you that we belong to you. We give you ourselves fresh to you today. Fill us with your Holy Spirit again and help us to have teachable hearts! We love you.

Let’s Watch!

Remember last week we learned about Joseph and dreams? This week, we’re going to learn about the rest of his adventurous life! First, lets watch today’s story video:

Joseph: The Rest of the Story

Let’s Talk!

We are part of God’s Big Story, just like Joseph. Because God is in control, our life with Him is an adventure! We never know how God will use our lives to help other people to come to know Jesus and be saved.

God used Joseph’s life to save THOUSANDS of PEOPLE! All of Egypt was saved, plus Israel. Remember how God changed Jacob’s name to Israel? Jacob’s family eventually got so big they became their own people group, who we call “Israel” or the Jewish people. God saved nations using Joseph’s life.

  • Was Joseph’s life easy? No!
  • Was Joseph alone in hard times? No. God was with Joseph through it all.
  • How did God use Joseph’s life to save people? He gave him the ability to save up food and give it to people when there was no food available. People even came from far away to get food from Joseph.
    • Read Genesis 45:5. It’s a conversation that Joseph is having with is brothers when he tells them who he really is.
  • Have you ever thought about how God might use you like Joseph?
    • What are some dreams or ideas that God put on your heart to do?
    • Have you given them to God, making Him the boss about how it’s going to happen?
  • Think back to Joseph’s first 2 dreams. Can you remember what they were? Bundles of grain bowing down to his bundle, 11 stars and the sun and moon bowing down to his star.
    • Did the dream Joseph have come true? If so, how? Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt and bowed down to him when he was giving them grain and they didn’t know who he was.
    • Do you think that Joseph guessed that this was the way God was going to make his dream happen? I don’t think he could even imagine that it would happen this way!
  • You are part of God’s story! You have a purpose in God’s story, just like Joseph. God has plans for your life that you might never know ahead of time. You might not even understand why certain things happen, and that’s okay! He’s with you through it all and He’s got people to save through you!

Let’s Do!

Let’s pretend we’re Joseph’s family moving to Egypt to be with him across the hot sand of the desert.

PARENTS: For this activity you’ll need some floor space and paper plates or something that you can use like stepping stones (pillows, washcloths, or sheets of paper would all work too!)

  • Spread the plates (or whatever you are using as stepping stones) across the room like a path from one end of the room to the other. Keep the “stones” fairly close together at first.
  • Start at one side and try to jump from plate to plate without stepping on the “hot sand” floor.
  • Then, have a parent or sibling remove a plate at a time and try again!
  • How many plates can you get rid of and still get across?

After this, gather up all of your stuffed animals and try to drag them to “Egypt” on a towel or in a laundry basket. Do you think they had an easy trip walking all of their stuff from Canaan to live with Joseph? Take turns dragging your sibling(s) next. Can you do it? Can you drag your parent??

Let’s Pray!

Father God, we thank you that we get to be part of your story! Thank you that you have good plans for us. We say yes to you and your plans. We know that we can trust you and that you’ll be with us the whole time. We love you!

EGC KIDS TIP: Pray for some people that you know need Jesus’ love and comfort today.

Let’s Memorize!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2:10

STEP 1: Write this week’s verse in on a piece of paper and then cut each of the words out.

STEP 2: Draw a picture of yourself on another big piece of paper or poster board (you might want to tape 2 pieces together so you have room if you’re using paper).

STEP 3: Glue the words you cut out, in order, on the paper around yourself to make a poster of you with this verse all around you.

STEP 4: Every time you glue on a word, say the verse out loud.

Let’s Bless!

FROM THE EGC KIDS TEAM: As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to trust God’s plans for our kids. We want to keep them as safe and close as possible. But, having a healthy, vibrant relationship with Jesus is the best thing our kids can have in life. His plans are so much bigger than ours. This week take some time to surrender your children into God’s care and plans – and ask Him to write His story in their hearts. Ultimately, we want them to follow His plans more than ours – His are better!

Bless each other with this blessing:

I bless you to live fully in God’s plans for your life. May your life be used to honor God and help people to come to know Jesus. May you always know that your life is full of purpose in God.

Sunday, April 26: God is in Control

Let’s Start!

Have you ever had a strange dream? Not the scary kind, the kind that’s just plain weird?

We have! Sometimes our dreams are just dreams, but sometimes they have a meaning from God. Did you know that? It’s true, God can speak to us in our dreams. This week, we’re going to be learning about someone who had some strange dreams AND the gift from God to know what they meant!

Let’s take a minute to ask God to help us have open hearts and minds to hear Him and learn what He wants us to know.

God, thanks so much for speaking to us through so many different ways. Help us to have open hearts to learn and take in what you want as we study your Word.

Let’s Watch!

TO OUR PARENTS: There are two videos today. The first covers the early portion of Joseph’s life, and the second covers a little more of his story. (We’ll be watching one final video next week!)

Joseph Part I: At Home
Joseph Part II: In Egypt (before the famine)

Let’s Talk!

  • What were Joseph’s dreams about when he was at home?
  • How did Joseph get to Egypt?
  • Why was he in jail?
  • How did he get out of jail?
  • How do you think Joseph felt about all those bad things happening to him?
  • Was God with Joseph?  (Hint: Look up Genesis 39:2, Genesis 39:21, and Genesis 39:23)

EGC KIDS TIP: The story of Joseph is found in Genesis 37 & 39-48 and is one of the most detailed stories of one person’s life in the book of Genesis! It contains some intense situations, so you may want to read ahead before you read it out loud with your kids. It’s a wonderful story, though, so don’t let that deter you. We are going to be spending two weeks on Joseph’s story, so don’t read too far ahead! 🙂 Today’s lesson covers his early life through his first years in Egypt (before the famine).

Even in the really hard times that Joseph had, God was with Him and strengthened Him. God spoke some really neat things to Joseph in his dreams, but it didn’t seem like they were happening! God gave him what he needed to be okay in his heart in those situations. God wants to give us everything we need in the hard times that we go through in life too!

  • What is a hard thing that you are going through in your life?
  • How is God helping you?
  • Has God spoken to you about something in your future? What is it?
  • Remember, He is going to help and take care of you. It might not happen the way you imagine, but remember last week’s verse? We learned in Philippians 4:6-7 that we don’t have to be anxious because He is in control!

Let’s Do!

  • Draw a picture or cut out pictures from a magazine to tell about a funny or interesting dream you had.
  • Make up an interesting meaning for your dream. For example, if you drew a car with a lamb driving up a hill of lettuce, you might think “Eat more veggies, kid!” or “Whoa, not so much salad tomorrow night!”
  • Draw a second picture or poster of something that God has said to you (or draw a picture of you doing what you think He wants you to be when you grow up). Hang it up on your fridge or wall to look at this week!

Let’s Memorize!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

This week we have another song to help us memorize our verse! Check out the video below and practice it throughout the week!

EGC KIDS TIP: To learn the verse, make up your own actions for the words “fear/dismayed,” “strengthen,” “uphold” (hint, think “hold you up”). Say or sing the verse (using the actions) to your pet, houseplant, stuffed animal, or younger sibling 10 times this week.

Let’s Bless!

During a meal this week, take turns speaking the Remember Verse over each member of the family, like a message from God to them!

Sunday, April 19: Prayer

Let’s Start!

This week we are talking about prayer! Start by asking the following question: What are some things that you think about when you think of prayer?

First, let’s take a minute and open our hearts and ears to God.

God, we thank you that you are here with us. We give you our hearts and our minds. We ask you to come and speak to us and help us to listen and to obey what you say to us. Thank you that we are your children and we belong to you!

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

Prayer is talking and listening to God. There are so many different ways to do it, just like there are lots of ways to talk to and hang out with friends.

Now let’s write down the 4 letters we learned that spell PRAY. As you recall each letter and what it means, write it down on a large piece of paper, a letter board, chalk board or white board. Talk about what each word means.

Then take some time to talk about prayer with your family! Below are some questions you can use to guide your discussion:

  • How does it make you feel to know that you can talk to God anytime?
  • What parts of the P.R.A.Y. are the easiest for you?
  • Which parts do you sometimes forget when you’re praying?
  • When is your favorite time in the day to pray?
  • What things can we do as a family or by ourselves to help us to remember to pray?

Let’s Do!

EGC KIDS TIP: Today you’re going to make prayer notebooks to write down your prayers and how God speaks! There are some simple instructions below to make small, pocket-sized books out of any paper you have at home. You can make one per child or keep a prayer notebook for your whole family. You could also use a small journal or notebook that you already have at home.

  • Cut 2 8 ½” x 11″ paper pages in half the short way.
  • Fold the pages in half
  • Staple the books along the fold as a binding (or tape the pages together at the binding).
  • Decorate the covers!
  • How will your notebook help or remind you to talk to God this week? (Write down what you prayed about, write down answers God gave you, write a prayer poem, write out the Lord’s prayer, draw pictures of what God shows you)

Let’s Memorize!

Our Remember Verse is Philippians 4:6-7 NIV. This week, we’re going to learn a song to help us memorize our verse!

EGC KIDS TIP: There are some fun motions to go along with our Remember Verse song over on our Worship Page if you want an extra challenge! If you learn the motions, be sure to show us! Tag @egckidschurch on Instagram or Facebook in your posts!

If you would like a printable version of this week’s Remember Verse, click on the link below.

Let’s Pray!

STEP 1: Get out your prayer notebooks.

STEP 2: Let’s pray through our P.R.A.Y. example.

P PRAISE: Pray and thank God for who He is and how He’s been faithful to you.Thank Him for answering some prayers you prayed. This might be a good time to draw a picture of God that reminds you of some way He shows Himself to you (strong, faithful, loving etc.).

R REPENT: Ask God to forgive you for bad choices, bad attitudes and disobedience. Think of some things that you need to ask Him specifically about. Thank Him for giving you a million do-overs. Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit to help you make good choices, have good attitudes and obey Him.

A ASK: Pray for people that you know who need God’s help. Talk to Him about the things on your heart. You might want to write these things down in your journal.

Y YIELD: Listen for what God says. Sit quietly and ask God to speak to you. Draw a picture or write what He says to you. Ask God to be the boss of your life.

Let’s Bless!

Take turns blessing each other with this blessing:

 “I bless you to grow in prayer in all it’s different forms. May you hear from God clearly and have a heart of obedience towards Him all the days of your life.”

FOR PARENTS: There are so many different ways to pray and things that can help us cultivate a lifestyle of prayer! The above P.R.A.Y format is a simple way you can introduce your children to different forms of prayer. If you’re looking for additional resources, EGC has compiled a prayer book that includes several prayer models to help you cultivate a deeper, fuller, and more engaging prayer life. You can download the book for free here!

Easter Sunday: Jesus is Alive!

Let’s Start!

This week’s topic is so exciting. Jesus is alive! Take a few moments to ask Jesus to fill you fresh with wonder and understanding about what He’s done to rescue us by dying on the cross and rising from the dead. Ask Him to help you to be aware of how He’s with you all the time.

Let’s Watch!

EGC KIDS TIP: Want to go deeper? Yesterday’s video was a great summary of the whole story and tells about how Jesus’ death and resurrection fits into God’s BIG story: His plan to redeem mankind from the very beginning. You can find that video here!

Let’s Talk!

  • When Jesus died what happened to the sun? It went dark for 3 hours.
  • Where did they put Jesus’ body after he died? In a tomb with a stone rolled in front of it.
  • When the women went to the tomb after a few days, what did they see? An angel, and the stone rolled away.
  • What did the angel say? “Jesus isn’t here. He has risen!”
  • What does “risen” mean? Jesus isn’t dead anymore. He is alive again!

Jesus’ death took the punishment for our sin. His resurrection won the battle over sin and death for us. We can trust Jesus to forgive us and rescue us from our sin, shame and fear. His life set us free and gives us new life.

Jesus went further than just giving us new life, though, He promised us that we could have a full life in Him. That means that every day, all day long – morning, noon, and night, God is at work giving us life because He is alive. 

  • Describe what you think a full life in Jesus means.

FOR PARENTS: The resurrection of Jesus is center of the Christian faith. If there was no resurrection, there would be no proof that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins was accepted (1 Corinthians 15:17). In the resurrection, Jesus showed his authority over all things, even the power of death. The resurrection of Jesus broke the power of death for all of us who trust in Him as Savior. His resurrection gives us hope in life for the resurrection we will receive when He returns (1 Corinthians 15:23, 42-44). In the meantime, we have hope when we endure hardship, struggles, and suffering because Jesus, who overcame death and gives us new life – is with us now and forever.

Let’s Memorize!

For our online challenge, say the Remember Verse while doing a wall sit and take a video! Check out Miss Erin’s video below, and be sure to tag #egckidsathome

Wall-Sit Remember Verse Challenge #egckidsathome

Let’s Do!

This week, we’re going on an Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt! First, print out the Remember Verse printable (above) or write the verse out on a piece of paper. Then choose the option below that works best for you!

Option 1: If you have plastic eggs at your house.

  • Cut the Remember Verse pdf into puzzle pieces.
  • Place the puzzle pieces inside plastic eggs.
  • Hide them around your house.
  • Let your family find the pieces and assemble the puzzle!

Option 2: If you do not have plastic eggs at your house.

  • Print out the Easter Egg document below and color the eggs in! (Alternately, you could draw a large easter egg and color that!)
  • Glue the pages together so that the verse is on one side and the eggs are on the other.
  • Cut the paper into puzzle pieces
  • Hide the pieces around your house.
  • Let your family find the pieces and assemble the puzzle!

Let’s Pray!

Take turns thanking Jesus for the new life that He has given. Have each family member think of one thing they can be thankful for and happy about that Jesus has done in their lives.

Pray that you would each have a new awareness of the goodness of God, full life in Jesus, and His “with-us-ness.”

Let’s Bless!

Pray this blessing over your children:

May you experience the full, abundant, real life of Jesus here on earth and in eternity. My you have joy, strength and peace through His life. I bless you to always remember and rejoice in the truth that Jesus is alive!

Good Friday

Have you ever wondered why they call today “Good” Friday? Let’s take a look at what happened on the day that Jesus died and what it means for you and me!

Watch the video below and then use the teaching guide to discuss with your family as you take some time today to remember together a Savior who gave His life to set us free.

Maundy Thursday

EGC KIDS TIP: Matthew 26:26-28 tells us that “As they were eating, Jesus took bread, and after blessing it broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, ‘Take, eat; this is my body.’ And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he gave it to them, saying, ‘Drink of it, all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.'” This is why we take communion! If you’re interested in taking communion together as a family this weekend or would like more information, we have a helpful guide for you here!

April 5, 2020: Jesus is King (Palm Sunday)

A Note to our Parents and Guardians: Each week, we are posting a short lesson or video to watch with your child(ren), suggested worship videos for preschool and grade school students, and crafts or activities that you can do at home! These can be done on Sunday mornings or throughout the week. (For more information and parent resources, check out the For Parents tab!)

Let’s Start!

Before you watch this week’s Bible video, take a moment and pray with your family that God would help you each to focus. Ask him to give you open ears and open hearts to receive what He wants to say to you. Take a moment of silent prayer to allow each person to give God all of the things that distract them or are heavy on their hearts.

Let’s Watch!

Let’s Talk!

{ASK} When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey:

  • Did the people realize that He was a king? (Yes, but they expected that the Messiah would be a warrior king, someone who rule by force).
  • Jesus had a bigger plan. What was it? (Jesus came to save people by dying on the cross for their sins and rising again. He came to bring them and us into relationship with God.)

{DISCUSS} The Bible tells us many ways that Jesus is King:

  • Jesus is the King immortal. That means He lives forever (1 Timothy 1:17). 
  • Jesus is the King of glory. He is strong and wins every battle (Psalm 24:8). 
  • Jesus is a righteous King. He makes right decisions that please God (Isaiah 32:1). 
  • Jesus is a loving King. The powerful Ruler of all chose to free us from our sins by dying for us (Revelation 1:5). 

When we know Jesus as our King, we can cry out to Him, “Hosanna! Save us!” just like the people in the Bible. We can ask Him to help us bow down to His leadership and what He wants to do in our lives. We can trust Him and do what He asks, even when it’s something that we don’t understand (like the disciples did when they went to get the donkey)!

  • Where in your life do you see Jesus as the mighty King of Kings? (Are there parts of your life where you are living like Jesus is the King of that thing? For example, are you not afraid of the dark because you know that Jesus is the boss of the dark?)
  • How does it make you feel to know He rules over everything and everyone?
  • Are there areas of your life you need to let Jesus be king of? Take a few moments to talk to God about these things.

EGC KIDS TIP: Give time for this. As a parent, it can be tempting to “guide” the child into something that you want them to work on. God might highlight this for your child Himself or He might show him/her another area that He thinks is important right now. Trust God with your children. He knows them and loves them best. Note: if the coronavirus comes up in this discussion, we have some tips for how to talk with your family about current events here.

Let’s Do!

Today, we are going to make our own palm branches!

  1. Gather some paper (construction paper or copy paper, 2 pages per person).
  2. Cut out 3-4 long strips from one side of the paper and glue them together to make a sturdy branch for your palm leaves (alternately, you can use a paper towel roll, a clean stick from outside or a paint stir stick).
  3. Trace your hands (as many as you can fit on the papers) and cut them out.
  4. Glue the handprints to the “branch,” with fingers pointing out.
  5. On the handprints, write about how Jesus is King in your life! You can also write some of the things that Jesus talked to you about when you asked Him about areas of your life where you need to let Him be king.

Let’s Pray!

Take a few minutes together and pray about the things written on the palm branches. Give them to Jesus and ask Him to be the king and boss of every area of your lives.

EGC KIDS TIP: Sometimes having something to hold or an action to do helps our kids connect with the words they are praying. As they pray, you can have them take their palm fronds and lay them down on the ground – just like they did in the story – to show that they are choosing to make Jesus the King in their lives!

During the week as you pray, ask Jesus to help you remember that He’s the King over everything.

Let’s Memorize!

EGC Kids Tip: Try to learn the verse by acting it out together. Use the palms you made or some coats from the closet (or be creative)! Take a video and send it to or upload it to social media and tag it #egckidsathome. We’d love to see it!

Let’s Bless!

Take time to bless each family member with the following blessing:

May you trust Jesus to be the King and the boss of every area of your life. May you always know that you can call to Him and he will save you. May you know that the King of Kings loves you and cares for you and that you are His!

March 29, 2020: God Keeps His Promises (Part II)

A Note to our Parents and Guardians: Each week, we are posting a short lesson or video to watch with your child(ren), suggested worship videos for preschool and grade school students, and crafts or activities that you can do at home! These can be done on Sunday mornings or throughout the week. (For more information and parent resources, check out the For Parents tab!)

Let’s Start!

Before you watch this week’s Bible video, (below) take a moment and pray with your family that God would help you each to focus. Ask him to give you open ears and open hearts to receive what He wants to say to you. Take a moment of silent prayer to allow each person to give God all of the things that distract them or are heavy on their hearts.

Let’s Watch!

God’s Story: Jacob Wrestles

Let’s Talk!

Ask some follow-up questions about the video:

  • What were the names of the twins in the story? (Jacob and Esau)
  • What did Jacob do that made Esau mad? (Jacob tricked his father and took Esau’s blessing)
  • What did Jacob send ahead to Esau? (lots of gifts)
  • Why did Jacob stop at the river? (he was scared)
  • What happened when Jacob was by the fire at night? (a man came and wrestled him)
  • What new name did the man give Jacob? (Israel – God Fights)

There are times in life when we make choices that hurt people (like Jacob). There are also times in life when things don’t go the way we plan or hope. But God is still God even in those times, and He’s still in charge! He knows everything about us. He still keeps his promises to be with us and help us.

  • When is a time when you’ve done something to make someone mad and they’ve forgiven you? (try to keep this conversation positive ;))
  • Tell us a time when something hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to. How did you feel? How was God good to you in that situation? (look for what God did)
  • What is something special that God knows about you or has said about you?

Let’s Do!

Get out some paper and scraps of recycling or craft supplies. Make a poster that says, “GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES.”

EGC Kids Tip: If you don’t have poster-sized paper at home, you can tape together some regular-sized paper to make a poster or use a large piece of cardboard!

  • Have each family member contribute to the poster.
  • As you decorate the poster, talk about the good things God has done in your lives. How has He kept His promises to you, even in hard times?
  • As you decorate, talk about how God has made each family member unique. Talk about the special gifts, talents, strengths, etc. each family member has!
  • Hang up your poster somewhere you can all see it this week.

From the EGC Kids Team: We’d love to see your poster! If you want, take a picture of your family with the poster and email it to us, or tag @egckidschurch or #egckidsathome on Facebook or Instagram!

Let’s Pray!

Pray together that God would help you to notice God’s promises and faithfulness in your family and in your individual lives.

Take a few minutes together before bed (or another time where you can all come together – mealtimes are great if kids all go to bed at different times) to slow down and talk to God. Have each family member think of one promise that God made (for example: to be with us all the time, to take care of us, to help us, to grow the fruit of the Spirit in us) and how you saw Him do it that day.

EGC Kids Tip: Sometimes this can be hard. Keep at it! God is doing good things in your family every day. He wants you to look for it and notice!

Let’s Bless!

Open your Bible and read Psalm 139:1-3

EGC Kids Tip: if you have children who can read, help them to find the verse in their Bibles as well. Hint for explaining – If you open your Bible to the middle and then go a little to the left, you’ll find Psalms! The big number (139) is the chapter and the little numbers (1-3) are the verses.

This week, we want to take turns blessing each other!

What you say: “(Family member’s name) I bless you to know that God keeps his promises to you when you are (choose somewhere they go for example: playing outside, sitting at the table, working on schoolwork, etc.). It should sound something like, “Joseph, I bless you to know that God keeps his promises to you when you are getting out of bed each morning.”

Then, when everyone has taken turns blessing the person beside them, finish up with a family blessing.

Family, I bless you to become more aware of what God is doing in your life – to recognize His voice and His presence, and to trust Him because He is a promise keeper.

Let’s Memorize!

This week’s REMEMBER VERSE is Psalm 24:1.

EGC Kids Tip: If you have readers, it helps to have the verse written down and hung up for reference the first few times around. To download and print this week’s remember verse: click on the link below!

To learn the remember verse this week, try this game:

Have your family stand in a circle. Choose a stuffed animal (or a ball if you have super brave parents or can do this outside!). Have the person with the stuffed animal say the first word of the verse and then throw it to someone else. That person will say the next word of the verse and toss the animal to another person and so on. Do this until everyone learns it and you can say the verse super quickly. (If you can get it and record it in under 14 seconds, we’ll share it in our Instagram story!!)

Let’s Stay Connected!

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