April 11, 2021: God Initiates Relationship

Covenants, commandments and relationships: How the story of Moses teaches us that God loves us and initiates relationship with us, just like he did for His people in the book of Exodus

Sunday, March 28: Palm Sunday

What does “Hosanna” mean? Why did Jesus ride a donkey? What’s a palm frond? And, how do we honor Jesus as king in our lives? Find out in this week’s lesson!

March 7, 2021: Remember and Celebrate

The Big God Story is one filled with God’s power and His deliverance. Join us this week at EGC Kids as we remember what He’s done in the past and celebrate what He’s doing today!

February 28, 2021: God Gives New Life

Do you put your shoes on before you eat?? (Probably not, right?!) Did you know that God once told his people to do just that! Why? Find out as we continue the story of Moses this week at EGC Kids!


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