February 28, 2021: God Gives New Life

Do you put your shoes on before you eat?? (Probably not, right?!) Did you know that God once told his people to do just that! Why? Find out as we continue the story of Moses this week at EGC Kids!

February 14, 2021: God is the Lord

If you were toasting marshmallows over a campfire and the flames started talking to you, how would YOU react? Join us this week to find out what Moses did when something similar happened to Him!!

January 31, 2021: God is Redeemer

Have you ever made something AMAZING? This week is all about the beginning of the BIG God Story: What (and who!) God created, what happened, and what it means for us!

January 3, 2020: Jesus is King

The magi were among the first to worship Jesus – giving him gifts fit for a King! We can worship Him as king in our lives too (even if we don’t have gold to bring!) Find out how in this week’s lesson!


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