November 1, 2020: God’s Power Changes Everything

Did you know that God is able to do way more than we could even imagine? Peter and John got to see his power at work through them in a super cool way – and so can you! Watch a short video about Peter and John, do some Power-up exercises, and find out more in this week’s lesson!

August 23, 2020: God Helps

Let’s Start/Do! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! When the woman came to Simon’s house to see Jesus, what did she do? She knelt at Jesus’ feet, crying, wiped his wet feet clean with her hair, kissed them, and then poured expensive perfume on them! Earlier in the story we heard that the woman was known asContinue reading “August 23, 2020: God Helps”

August 16: God Forgives

*This week’s lesson is based on Mark 2:1-12 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Why was it so crowded around Jesus? People wanted to see him heal people, and they wanted to hear what he had to say. What did the friends do to get the paralyzed man into the house to see Jesus? TheyContinue reading “August 16: God Forgives”