Sunday, May 3, 2020: God Saves

Let’s Start!

Let’s start with prayer! Let’s put our hands out in front of us like we’re giving or receiving a gift. After you pray, take a quiet moment to just let Jesus help you to relax and focus on Him.

Jesus, we thank you that we belong to you. We give you ourselves fresh to you today. Fill us with your Holy Spirit again and help us to have teachable hearts! We love you.

Let’s Watch!

Remember last week we learned about Joseph and dreams? This week, we’re going to learn about the rest of his adventurous life! First, lets watch today’s story video:

Joseph: The Rest of the Story

Let’s Talk!

We are part of God’s Big Story, just like Joseph. Because God is in control, our life with Him is an adventure! We never know how God will use our lives to help other people to come to know Jesus and be saved.

God used Joseph’s life to save THOUSANDS of PEOPLE! All of Egypt was saved, plus Israel. Remember how God changed Jacob’s name to Israel? Jacob’s family eventually got so big they became their own people group, who we call “Israel” or the Jewish people. God saved nations using Joseph’s life.

  • Was Joseph’s life easy? No!
  • Was Joseph alone in hard times? No. God was with Joseph through it all.
  • How did God use Joseph’s life to save people? He gave him the ability to save up food and give it to people when there was no food available. People even came from far away to get food from Joseph.
    • Read Genesis 45:5. It’s a conversation that Joseph is having with is brothers when he tells them who he really is.
  • Have you ever thought about how God might use you like Joseph?
    • What are some dreams or ideas that God put on your heart to do?
    • Have you given them to God, making Him the boss about how it’s going to happen?
  • Think back to Joseph’s first 2 dreams. Can you remember what they were? Bundles of grain bowing down to his bundle, 11 stars and the sun and moon bowing down to his star.
    • Did the dream Joseph have come true? If so, how? Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt and bowed down to him when he was giving them grain and they didn’t know who he was.
    • Do you think that Joseph guessed that this was the way God was going to make his dream happen? I don’t think he could even imagine that it would happen this way!
  • You are part of God’s story! You have a purpose in God’s story, just like Joseph. God has plans for your life that you might never know ahead of time. You might not even understand why certain things happen, and that’s okay! He’s with you through it all and He’s got people to save through you!

Let’s Do!

Let’s pretend we’re Joseph’s family moving to Egypt to be with him across the hot sand of the desert.

PARENTS: For this activity you’ll need some floor space and paper plates or something that you can use like stepping stones (pillows, washcloths, or sheets of paper would all work too!)

  • Spread the plates (or whatever you are using as stepping stones) across the room like a path from one end of the room to the other. Keep the “stones” fairly close together at first.
  • Start at one side and try to jump from plate to plate without stepping on the “hot sand” floor.
  • Then, have a parent or sibling remove a plate at a time and try again!
  • How many plates can you get rid of and still get across?

After this, gather up all of your stuffed animals and try to drag them to “Egypt” on a towel or in a laundry basket. Do you think they had an easy trip walking all of their stuff from Canaan to live with Joseph? Take turns dragging your sibling(s) next. Can you do it? Can you drag your parent??

Let’s Pray!

Father God, we thank you that we get to be part of your story! Thank you that you have good plans for us. We say yes to you and your plans. We know that we can trust you and that you’ll be with us the whole time. We love you!

EGC KIDS TIP: Pray for some people that you know need Jesus’ love and comfort today.

Let’s Memorize!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2:10

STEP 1: Write this week’s verse in on a piece of paper and then cut each of the words out.

STEP 2: Draw a picture of yourself on another big piece of paper or poster board (you might want to tape 2 pieces together so you have room if you’re using paper).

STEP 3: Glue the words you cut out, in order, on the paper around yourself to make a poster of you with this verse all around you.

STEP 4: Every time you glue on a word, say the verse out loud.

Let’s Bless!

FROM THE EGC KIDS TEAM: As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to trust God’s plans for our kids. We want to keep them as safe and close as possible. But, having a healthy, vibrant relationship with Jesus is the best thing our kids can have in life. His plans are so much bigger than ours. This week take some time to surrender your children into God’s care and plans – and ask Him to write His story in their hearts. Ultimately, we want them to follow His plans more than ours – His are better!

Bless each other with this blessing:

I bless you to live fully in God’s plans for your life. May your life be used to honor God and help people to come to know Jesus. May you always know that your life is full of purpose in God.

Sunday, April 26: God is in Control

Let’s Start!

Have you ever had a strange dream? Not the scary kind, the kind that’s just plain weird?

We have! Sometimes our dreams are just dreams, but sometimes they have a meaning from God. Did you know that? It’s true, God can speak to us in our dreams. This week, we’re going to be learning about someone who had some strange dreams AND the gift from God to know what they meant!

Let’s take a minute to ask God to help us have open hearts and minds to hear Him and learn what He wants us to know.

God, thanks so much for speaking to us through so many different ways. Help us to have open hearts to learn and take in what you want as we study your Word.

Let’s Watch!

TO OUR PARENTS: There are two videos today. The first covers the early portion of Joseph’s life, and the second covers a little more of his story. (We’ll be watching one final video next week!)

Joseph Part I: At Home
Joseph Part II: In Egypt (before the famine)

Let’s Talk!

  • What were Joseph’s dreams about when he was at home?
  • How did Joseph get to Egypt?
  • Why was he in jail?
  • How did he get out of jail?
  • How do you think Joseph felt about all those bad things happening to him?
  • Was God with Joseph?  (Hint: Look up Genesis 39:2, Genesis 39:21, and Genesis 39:23)

EGC KIDS TIP: The story of Joseph is found in Genesis 37 & 39-48 and is one of the most detailed stories of one person’s life in the book of Genesis! It contains some intense situations, so you may want to read ahead before you read it out loud with your kids. It’s a wonderful story, though, so don’t let that deter you. We are going to be spending two weeks on Joseph’s story, so don’t read too far ahead! 🙂 Today’s lesson covers his early life through his first years in Egypt (before the famine).

Even in the really hard times that Joseph had, God was with Him and strengthened Him. God spoke some really neat things to Joseph in his dreams, but it didn’t seem like they were happening! God gave him what he needed to be okay in his heart in those situations. God wants to give us everything we need in the hard times that we go through in life too!

  • What is a hard thing that you are going through in your life?
  • How is God helping you?
  • Has God spoken to you about something in your future? What is it?
  • Remember, He is going to help and take care of you. It might not happen the way you imagine, but remember last week’s verse? We learned in Philippians 4:6-7 that we don’t have to be anxious because He is in control!

Let’s Do!

  • Draw a picture or cut out pictures from a magazine to tell about a funny or interesting dream you had.
  • Make up an interesting meaning for your dream. For example, if you drew a car with a lamb driving up a hill of lettuce, you might think “Eat more veggies, kid!” or “Whoa, not so much salad tomorrow night!”
  • Draw a second picture or poster of something that God has said to you (or draw a picture of you doing what you think He wants you to be when you grow up). Hang it up on your fridge or wall to look at this week!

Let’s Memorize!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

This week we have another song to help us memorize our verse! Check out the video below and practice it throughout the week!

EGC KIDS TIP: To learn the verse, make up your own actions for the words “fear/dismayed,” “strengthen,” “uphold” (hint, think “hold you up”). Say or sing the verse (using the actions) to your pet, houseplant, stuffed animal, or younger sibling 10 times this week.

Let’s Bless!

During a meal this week, take turns speaking the Remember Verse over each member of the family, like a message from God to them!