October 18: God Restores Relationship

This week’s lesson is based on Luke 22:63-24:8 Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Can you think of some real (or imaginary) people who rescue others? Firefighters, policemen, superheroes! All of those people rescue others from something, right? Whether it’s from a fire or an emergency or an imaginary villain, they rescue people who needContinue reading “October 18: God Restores Relationship”

September 6, 2020: The Big God Story

Let’s Start! Let’s Watch! Let’s Talk! Where can you read about God’s story? The Bible! Grab your Bible and open it up. Flip through some of the pages and read the names of some of the books out loud (Hint: The names of the Books should be at the tops of the pages, or youContinue reading “September 6, 2020: The Big God Story”