March 14, 2021: God is Provider

Today’s lesson is based on Exodus 15:22-17:7 Let’s Start!    Do you know the difference between a want and a need? A need is something you can’t live without. A want is something you’d really, really like, but it isn’t a necessity. Watch the video below with your family and decide whether each item isContinue reading “March 14, 2021: God is Provider”

July 19, 2020: God is Trustworthy

This week’s lesson is based on 1 Kings 7-11 and continues Solomon’s story from last week! Let’s Start! Do you remember the name of the wise king from last week’s lesson? (If you said King Solomon, that’s right!) Today, we are going to learn more about him and God’s Story! Let’s Watch! From the EGCContinue reading “July 19, 2020: God is Trustworthy”